Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fun Family Activities You Can Do at Residence Inn Tagaytay

There's something about being with animals that speaks to the heart. Our special child, who cannot walk nor talk, has repeatedly shown immense joy whenever he gets to interact with them. This is the main reason why I scheduled a visit to Residence Inn when we recently went to Tagaytay.

taking a break from Manila's hot weather
James was still very small when we first brought him to this place many years ago. It was his brothers who enjoyed roaming around the place and checking out the many things to see and do there. I had a chance to go back with my youngest son in 2012 during a media tour but his brother wasn't with us.

James finding the horses funny
This time around, we got to go as a family (minus two sons who had exams and work) and rediscovered the wonders of the animal kingdom that can be found at Residence Inn. Here's sharing the things we did:

1. Photo op with a baby tiger. Only Daddy and James went in because there's an extra fee (P50) to have photos taken with the cub. Guests will be able to touch the animal while it's being fed. 

James fascinated at being this close to a real tiger
2. A stroll through aquariums with fish, spiders, snakes, bugs, and more. See, I am not that scared of spiders, especially when they're behind glass cages! :)

checking out animals in aquariums
3. Interaction with a huge snake (extra fee of P50 per pax). Only Daddy and Gab went inside the enclosure to have their pics taken. I stayed as far away as I can with James. I even had the urge to run when the snake crawled out of the gate! 

wouldn't you run, too, when a snake this big gets out of its cage?!
4. Feeding love birds. This is the activity I enjoyed the most because James laughed a lot while the birds started pecking on the seeds in our hands. The sensation was ticklish at best (and a bit scary, too, when dozens suddenly flock on your arm!) but I did my best to endure it for the love of my son. Bird seeds are at P10 per pack.

so glad that they have added this attraction which I first encountered in Paradizoo!
5. Visiting the animal enclosures outside. We saw horses, goats, different kinds of big birds, lions, tigers, and a camel. Gab got this nice shot of a tiger who suddenly roared at the camera, perhaps for being too close to his cage. 

nice shot of a roaring tiger!
6. Picture-picture with King Kong. This huge gorilla has been there for years and I'm amazed that it is still around for the customary photo ops!

this gorilla is huge! nice to know it doesn't chase people :p  
7. Riding the zip line. Since I tried this already in my previous visit, I had the boys take their turn. We were there on a Friday so no long lines for us. The P150 per person fee includes a cable car ride going back to the starting platform.

hubby and son's zip line ride
8. Enjoying the view of Taal Lake and the cool Tagaytay breeze. Residence Inn has nice vantage points where you can appreciate a nice vista of the lake and the rolling hills and mountains surrounding it. 

cable car ride
If you're heading for Tagaytay any time soon, include a day trip to Residence Inn and take time to commune with nature and animals. If you have special kids, particularly, expose them to animals other than your pets at home. You just might discover that they, too, will find this enjoyable like our son always does :)   

entrance to Residence Inn
Entrance fees to Residence Inn are P249 for adults and P199 for kids. It's located at Km. 65 Barrio Neogan, Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite, Philippines.

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