Monday, September 15, 2014

Eri Curry, Japan's Ultimate Comfort Food, is Now in Manila!

In case you guys still haven't noticed, the past couple of years have seen Metro Manila booming with new dining places that aim to cater to Filipinos' ever increasing appetite for foreign cuisine. If you love Japanese dishes but haven't yet tried Japan's ultimate comfort food that features a unique special curry sauce, head on to Eri Curry soon!

Katsu Curry - P320
Curry originated from India and was introduced by the British. Ever innovative, the Japanese reinvented curry to suit their palates and created a version with a milder flavor and thicker sauce. The result became one of the most commonly served dishes in every Japanese household that might as well be considered one of Japan's national dishes.

Eri Curry, located at the 3rd level of SM Megamall Atrium, gave the Japanese curry a twist to suit Filipino tastebuds. What you'll get to taste contains a medley of spices that, I heard, are also beneficial to one's body. 

pickled red radish
What's great about this restaurant is that it offers a variety of curry plates that include Katsu Curry, Thin Sliced Beef Curry, Shrimp Curry, and Eggplant Curry, among others. In addition, curry plates can be customized according to individual diners' preferences!

Step 1: Choose your curry plate with your favorite proteins or vegetables. 

Step 2: Choose your Japanese rice portion. It can be 200g, 300g, or 400g.

Step 3: Choose your spice level. Options are Just Right (a mild, almost no hint of spice flavor), Spicy (a sure kick of heat), or Fiery. 

Step 4: Add toppings by choosing from a wide selection of protein (crispy chicken, fried squid, or thin sliced pork), or vegetables (eggplant, asparagus, or tomatoes).

Thin Sliced Beef Curry - P290
I ordered the Thin Sliced Beef Curry with Just Right sauce. The taste is something I couldn't quite describe but it sure was interesting and very filling to the tummy. The serving was generous so I wasn't able to finish all the rice on my plate. 

If you prefer eggs with your meal, how about ordering the Katsu Omelette Curry or Creamed Chicken Omelette Curry? I haven't tried those yet, though. So do leave a comment under this blog post if you have and share with me your experience.

Sakana - P100; Ebi Futo - P125
Of course, a visit to a Japanese establishment shouldn't be without the infamous rolls. We were served with Ebi Futo (a shrimp maki with romaine lettuce and cucumber) and Sakana Warm and Tender (sole fish with mayonnaise), which both tasted great. Next time, I might try their Kani Warm and Tender (fried crab sticks topped with teriyaki sauce) or the Sugoi Maki Spicy (a crunchy crab stick with mozzarella cheese, topped with a special spicy sauce).

Dining with children? Have them order a Juicy Hamburger Meal that's topped with fried quail egg, or the Crispy Chicken Meal, which is obviously and easily every little kid's favorite.

Let's eat!
For dessert, options include the best-selling Kagigori (shaved iced dessert with vanilla ice cream and azuki beans), Fruit Plate for the health-conscious, and Banana Split for those with a serious sweet tooth. 

Eri Curry's interiors were designed using wood and in colors that will make diners think of sunset or the warmth of a Japanese hearth while they enjoy Japanese curry dishes to their heart's content. 

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