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8 Good Reasons to Book a Staycation at SEDA Nuvali

I've loved NUVALI ever since I first set foot on it several years ago. The area has a relaxing vibe that makes me want to be around nature as long as possible. I am glad that this part of Laguna continues to develop with eco-sustainability in mind. Every attraction they've added only enhanced the place's charm rather than detracting from it.

our happy group having lunch at Misto
Last month, my husband and I spent a night at SEDA Nuvali and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay for several reasons:

1. Gorgeous views. We got a corner room that has huge windows on one side overlooking The Lake and two small ones on another side where we could see the hotel's pool area. The expansive view stretches out towards the far horizon which made me want to just sit on the couch for a long time to simply gaze at the beautiful sceneries outside.

a view of The Lake from our room
night view taken from our room's wide windows
2. Spacious bedrooms. I love the huge and soft bed with fluffy pillows! It was so comfortable, I found it hard to get up the next day to join my husband at the hotel's gym where he used the treadmill to clock in 5km. Yes, guilty as charged for not wanting to exercise that morning! Anyhow, our room had a nice sitting area overlooking the lake, a big desk, and a large bathroom with essential toiletries.  
If we didn't have places to go and things to do, I would have stayed on this bed all day!
eco-friendly toiletries
3. Delicious food. The meals at Misto are not only appetizing to look at, they taste great, too! We had the very filling bento for lunch then ate dinner by the pool under pretty fairy lights. Two thumbs up to Steph Turiano and her team for arranging a nice feast of barbecued dishes and desserts along with an acoustic duo that provided soothing music while we were eating.

Seda Nuvali's Misto offers tummy-filling Bento Boxes for P550 nett,
Monday to Friday, 6:30 - 9:30PM until Oct. 31, 2017

As to the 4-course executive lunch meal worth P499, check details, here
dinner by the pool under fairy lights
4. Refreshing pool. As I mentioned above, I felt lazy to get up for a treadmill run but when I peeked out the window and saw my husband having the pool to himself at 7AM, I immediately changed into my swimsuit and went down to join him. The water temperature was just right for a refreshing and relaxing dip! Plus, the whole pool area has several great spots for photo ops 😉

a refreshing morning swim
loved the serenity of the pool area early in the morning
5. Friendly staff. In my opinion, among the things that make a hotel stay unforgettable is how members of the staff treat their guests. At SEDA Nuvali, we were always greeted with a smile and a ready reply in case we have questions. We also got sweet treats in our room along with handwritten welcome notes from general manager Mr. Jeffrey Enriquez and our room attendant, Bho.

warm welcome
another sweet treat
6. Nice amenities. Apart from what I've already mentioned, I love the Club Lounge where guests can hang out and have snacks while admiring the spectacular views outside the floor-length glass windows. Families with young kids (and kids-at-heart) would also appreciate the gaming area and children's play area located in separate rooms. In addition, art aficionados would appreciate the beautiful paintings and furniture made by local artists prominently displayed in various areas of the hotel. Oh, and in case you're wondering, not only do they have complimentary WiFi and Internet access, they have iMacs guests can use!

the Club Lounge is accessible to guests staying at Club Rooms and Premier Rooms
iMac station at the lobby
7. Proximity to various attractions. Since we arrived mid-morning in Nuvali, our group went first to Camp N. I was there last November to cover the launch of the Bike Hub but didn't get to try the various activities. This time, I was able to and even got to conquer my fear of free falling! The next morning, we also visited Republic Wakepark, fed humongous koi fishes, and went on a fun boat ride. But, more on those adventures in another post. Stay tuned! If you love to shop, SEDA is just a stone's throw away from Solenad's dining and retail outlets.  

want to know why going to Camp N is fun? wait for my next post! :)

a view of SEDA Nuvali from the lake
8. Great location. As an environment advocate, I was so happy to find out that SEDA Nuvali is the first LEED Silver-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) hotel in the Philippines. It is an integral part of the NUVALI eco-city development within the flourishing Calabarzon industrial area where visitors and residents alike get to enjoy stunning views and marvel at structures that were built to blend with natural landscapes. 

beautiful painting and friendly faces at the reception area 
Did you know? Seda is the Filipino word for "silk," an impeccable fabric that represents the brand's commitment to provide seamless service, exceptional value, and a remarkable hospitality experience in an exciting destination.

I could stay at this spot for hours ...
So, if you are looking for a place to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of city life, SEDA Nuvali is one place you should consider going to. The serenity of the environment will definitely renew your energy just like it did mine.

For inquiries, please email or call (6349) 255.8888.

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