Uniqlo Launches 2014 Fall-Winter Collection

I will always prefer functional clothes that also look good rather than have pieces stay hanging in my closet because they are impractical to wear for regular occasions. Fortunately, the very few Uniqlo pieces I own fit the bill.

Last week, the global fashion giant featured its brand concept LifeWear in the 2014 Fall-Winter Collection launched at the SM Megamall Fashion Hall. The new designs were made to be functional, affordable, and of outstanding quality to cater to the practical demands of fashion conscious Filipinos.

Along with VIP guests and other consumers, members of the media got to view various pieces in "Life Cubes" that represent different lifestyle situations:


Those who are scheduled to go abroad later this year should check out the warm yet surprisingly light Ultra Light Down Collection with 90% down and 10% feather. Items can be folded conveniently into tiny, portable pouches for easy suitcase packing. There were also Parkas featuring aluminum-enhanced lining to help retain heat on cold days.

The revolutionary Heattech technology, on the other hand, is made even better with close-fitting, yet non-constricting designs, with soft and stretchable materials to provide warmth and comfort. Heattech items range from classic inner wear to camisoles, socks, and scarves that can serve as thermal wear to keep users warm and dry without the bulk. 

Also introduced was the Heattech Extra Warm Line for extreme weather conditions. It is 50% more heat-retentive having ultra-fine fiber that traps body heat in a special knit construction to create micro-air pockets. Meanwhile, Uniqlo Fleece uses mineral-infused heat storage thread that increases clothing temperature by about 1.5 degrees Celsius. 


Uniqlo has partnered with Kaihara Co., Ltd. to create a special denim that enhances the wearer's silhouette with a flattering fit and cut that still allows for easy movement and provides high-end comfort and functionality at wallet-friendly prices. I've read that the cotton thread is spun and re-spun 64 times to ensure the strongest blend of premium denim and that they dyeing process is repeated at least 10 times for a richer color that lasts longer. 

UT Sweats sport a stylish new look marked by artful prints and flattering silhouettes in the finest and softest fabric, making them comfortable and cozy to lounge in, yet stylish enough to be worn outdoors. The classic Flannel likewise has new colors, modern details, and a slimmer silhouette.


Go from work to play with stylish staples and trendy pieces that blend sophistication, versatility, and comfort. For instance, the Smart Style Pants has a smart, tailored look for professional yet stylish ensembles. Uniqlo also brings the timeless elegance and effortless chic look of the Parisian fashion icon with the Ines de La Fressange Collection.

If you're traveling to cold climates, stay bundled up with the Extra Fine Merino Knits made of soft merino wool. It has special anti-pilling technology and are machine washable. 

Katsumi Kubota, Fast Retailing Philippines, Inc. Chief Operating Officer, explained, "We call our design principle 'LifeWear' because our projects equip wearers for whatever life offers, so they can conquer every day in style." "More than looking good, Uniqlo creates clothing that provides exceptional comfort, great quality and functionality, and value for money."

Watch out for 8 new Uniqlo stores in the Philippines between October 2014 and early 2015. "We have enjoyed a warm welcome from our customers in the Philippines, and have grown rapidly. The opening of these new stores further expands Uniqlo's presence and creates more local jobs. We are excited to bring our LifeWear experience to a broader community across the country," ended Kubota.  

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