Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sterling Bank of Asia and Visa Team Up to Issue the First and Only US Dollar Prepaid Card with EMV Chip

Get easy access to dollar funds without sacrificing security when you travel abroad! Sterling Bank of Asia has recently launched the ShopNPay US Dollar Visa Prepaid Card, which is the first and only locally-issued US Dollar prepaid card embedded with an EMV Chip, the global standard for chip-based credit and debit transactions. 

This card, which was presented to trade partners and members of the media at the Discovery Suites Ortigas, is perfect for both business and personal travelers as well as for professionals and students studying abroad who receive their per diem or allowance in US dollars. 

This first-of-its-kind Visa Prepaid card reduces the risk of cardholders from carrying large amounts of cash and likewise minimizes risk from foreign exchange fluctuations. Travelers can do US dollar transactions with merchants who will debit the actual value of the payment from the prepaid card. Some merchants, on the other hand, may give cardholders the option to charge transactions in US dollars or in their local currency. 

Sterling Bank endorser: athlete Chris Tiu
The ShopNPay US Dollar Visa Prepaid Card gives travelers access to funds from any of the 29 million Visa-accredited merchants and at over 2 million ATMs around the world in more than 200 countries. The card can also be used when shopping online, such as in Amazon and iTunes, where items are sold in US dollars.

Have greater control of your travel funds as you can only spend what is available in your card. This will help avoid the trap of getting in deep debts due to credit card bills that pile up while shopping abroad. Thus, you can enjoy the privileges and convenience of shopping and dining abroad without having to worry about monthly bills later on.

Sterling Bank and Visa executives with Chris Tiu
The ShopNPay US Dollar Visa Prepaid Card can be loaded with up to $2000 every month via transfer from an existing Sterling Bank Solo Dollar Savings Account or via Inward Remittances (applicable charges will apply). There will be a P200 processing fee when you apply for this dollar prepaid card. 

To find out more, please visit the Sterling Bank branch nearest you or call (632) 721-6000.

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