Thursday, August 16, 2012

SKYcable Partners with DOE for Watts Out

Our planet's resources continue to be depleted and everyone should help out in stopping the further destruction of the Earth. We all really have to be conscious of the things we do and use such as appliances that emit harmful greenhouse gasses.

The Department of Energy (DOE), in partnership with SKYcable, Asia Development Bank (ADB), SM Supermalls, and the Center for Clean and Renewable Energy Development, launched a week-long exhibit yesterday featuring 50 energy-efficient LCD TV sets from 10 international manufacturers promoting better options and smarter choices that help save energy.

Dubbed TV Olympics, the event held in SM Megamall's 2/F Atrium is part of DOEs energy efficient campaign called Watts Out which is being promoted to raise local awareness in energy conservation when using electronics and household appliances.

SKY Zone, (read a related blog post here) a showcase of SKYcable's HD channels was also held during the event. Mall and exhibit visitors got to check out first-hand the crisp life-like images and sound in all 17 high definition channels from SKYcable compared to standard definition channels. Also featured was an exhibit  that allowed spectators to personally test how fast SKYbroadband's internet connection is.

SKYcable's participation in the TV Olympics also included providing synchronized feeds to the LCD TV units on display. This ensured an equal amount of broadcast input to be aired which avoided any discrepancy in energy usage. Energy consumption, as well as electricity costs for each TV unit, was publicly monitored in real-time.

Speaking during the event was DOE Secretary Jose Rene D. Almendras who revealed that 21-inch CRT TV sets consume twice or three times more electricity than the more energy-efficient TV technologies today. "We have more than 17 million households and probably each has at least one TV set," he surmises. "Replacing even 100,000 32-inch CRT TV sets would reduce energy consumption by 14.8 GWh and abate about 100,000 metric tons of CO2 each year." This confirmed how CRT TVs largely contribute to high electricity bills.

The TV Olympics served as a venue where the hazards of old TVs are explained to the public. Did you know that each 32-inch CRT TV set is said to contain at least two kilos of lead? Imagine what dangers it presents when unregulated companies with untrained personnel near landfills re-process old TVs.

"There are solutions. We want to create an awareness that we can do it," encourages Sec. Almendras. "We only have one world and we need to take care of it. May companies continue to innovate products that are much more energy-efficient than they are now."

*More photos from the event can be found here

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