SKY Partners with ESPN HD to Launch 1st SKY Zone

Ever noticed how TV shows sometimes appear pixelated or blurred when viewed  on large screens? I keenly noticed that last weekend when my friends and I checked out what high-definition cable viewing was at the SKY Zone display in Rockwell's Power Plant Mall. 

There, we got to see the big difference between viewing ESPN shows on standard definition vs. SKYcable's HD viewing. The crystal clear images on the latter were really impressive. There was no blurring and no lagging especially when it comes to lightning-fast actions. The open-to-all event provided tech savvy and curious individuals alike a chance to have first-hand experience of the life-like images and sound in all 17 SKYcable HD channels plus the unmatched high-speed internet connection of SKYbroadband.

Speaking of SKYbroadband, to prove how fast the connection was, a couple of my friends tried downloading an episode of the currently very popular Game of Thrones and I think they were able to get it in less than 30 minutes! 

SKYcable and SKYbroadband partner with ESPN HD, home of premier international sporting events, for the grand showcase of HD viewing and internet technology. In SKY Zone, people got a glimpse of exactly how one can get more detail and more action from SKYcable's HD's up to 85% price off on HD Box installation. 

Alongside this, get to experience the high-speed internet connection provided by SKYbroadband with packages of up to 112Mbps. Interested individuals can subscribe via the "Bigtime Choices" promo that comes with perks like FREE Digibox installation for non-Sky subscribers or FREE Upgrade to SKYcable HD couple with FREE 3 month's viewing of ESPN HD and FREE SKYcable Season Pass for the upcoming "Pacquiao-Bradley" fight in June. How's that for freebies?!

With all these exciting service offerings from SKYcable and SKYbroadband, only your imagination can limit the possibilities in digital cable TV viewing and web surfing.

Catch the second salvo of the SKY Zone mall blitz on May 19-20 at the Ground Floor, South Court of Rockwell's Power Plant Mall in Makati. There you'll get to see for yourself the disparity between Standard Definition and High Definition cable TV viewing. Sports enthusiasts will also be able to find out what to expect from ESPN HD's booth in terms of exciting sports programs.

For more information, please log on to, call SKY's 24-hour customer service hotline 381-0000 or text them at 0917-631000 and 0918-8631000. You can moreover sign up for a 15-day FREE trial of SKYcable HD and SKYbroadband.

* Photos with watermark borrowed from Orange Magazine TV

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