Tomato Launches Two "Delicious" Fragrances

Tomato, a store that carries chic and trendy collections of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, just launched two new eau de toilette scents with playful names called Oohlalicious and Vavalicious.

The fragrances launch was held at Tomato’s Trinoma branch last May 20. I took a sniff or each scent and decided I like Oolalicious more because it has a light and citrusy aroma that I usually prefer when buying colognes and perfumes. Vavalicious has a heavier scent that the saleslady told me was formulated for nighttime wear. Both scents come in nicely shaped bottles with silver and gold charms. Read more about the descriptions of each fragrance in the press release I posted in my other blog to see which scent would fit you best.

At the Tomato store, I also got to browse racks of very nice clothes and accessories that I was sorely tempted to buy. Ms. Earth (in the photo above with two members of the Azkals team) was there and she was wearing a lovely top that was also displayed on one of the mannequins.

Having visited the store for the first time, I was really surprised at many of the items’ affordable prices.

The funny thing is, since all the clothes and accessories were designed for women, the male bloggers who attended the event flocked to the glass shelves containing watches with lovely designs for both men and women. As we watched the guys try, choose, and buy watches for themselves, we gals were drawn to join the bandwagon and ended up buying watches too!

And because the watches are really reasonably priced at P500-700 each, I bought one for myself and for hubby :p

Tomato has certainly captured my attention with their very nice items. I think I’ll be dropping by their stores more often in the coming days :)

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