Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kundalini Yoga: A Great Bonding Time for Couples

One of the frustrations I face in my fitness journey is my body's lack of flexibility. I find it difficult to bend or reach my extremities as much as I'd want to. Stretching (for real) is often a big challenge. Right now, practicing to be more flexible is an ongoing process so I am always game to try other forms of physical activities to help me improve this.

dream pose in background :p
Last Saturday, a day before Valentines Day, my husband and I joined other couples at LIFE Yoga for a Power of Two Kundalini session. The class was conducted by Rosan Cruz who has been doing yoga since 1995 and studied under several Kundalini Gurus abroad. 

Rosan Cruz
Kundalini is known among the many forms of yoga to be the fastest track to awakening one's awareness and uniting the body, mind, and spirit. Power of Two aimed to strengthen and deepen the bond between partners, help break through communication blocks, and build a solid relationship. 

getting a little help from teacher
Rosan taught us breathing techniques, kriyas, and meditations that she said would help end arguments, get rid of grudges, insecurities, and clear the clouds. "The focus is at the heart, projecting love, and caring with the highest good for both," she explained.  

yoga for couples
I love the partner activities Rosan had us do because couples got to physically and spiritually connect through identical poses, staring into each other's eyes (many of us got into giggling fits and Rosan encouraged us by saying it's okay to laugh), and physically supporting each other. 

gong bath
We also had a "gong bath." Here, the sound waves are said to enable deep healing and clear blockages from the body and mind so that those who undergo this activity can return to a state of harmony and balance. According to Rosan, benefits of a gong bath includes relief from neck pain, headaches, menstrual cramps, and muscle pain; improvement of joint flexibility and range of motion; deep relaxation and immediate reduction of stress and anxiety; and many more. 

waves of gong sounds washing over us
It was my first time to experience a gong bath and I tried to absorb the sound waves, keeping my eyes closed, and feel what they can give me. Although there were moments that I got startled from the sometimes loud sounds, I also appreciated the soft ones that seemed to gently settle all over me. 

it's so obvious here who I am always leaning on :)

Having been married for almost 23 years now, my husband and I have gone through a lot since we said I Do. We've weathered many storms together and came out of them stronger. Joining the Kundalini class for couples was a great bonding moment for us because it was another way (apart from our food trips and running adventures) to share experiences and create memories together.

a peaceful place perfect for clearing the mind
Power of Two was held at LIFE Yoga in Forbestown Centre, Bonifacio Global City. It is a beautiful venue to find peace of mind and unwind for an hour or two. I like the floor to ceiling windows overlooking lush greenery and the classroom's size because it can only accommodate limited participants, which enables everyone to be able to hear the yoga teacher clearly. I've joined classes before where the room was too big and it was so difficult to hear instructions on what to do next, especially when I had my eyes closed.

three mushroom pasta at Vibe Cafe - yum!
After the session, we had lunch downstairs at Vibe Cafe, which has a healthy menu filled with delicious choices. Apart from the pleasant ambiance of the place, I met one of its resident pooches, Racey. She is a beautiful schnauzer with puppy dog eyes and a very pleasant disposition. I guess getting to watch people feel peace of mind from yoga regularly has rubbed off on her.

in love with Racey
This friendly girl kept coming back to where Rosan and I were sitting. Racey even allowed me to pick her up and cuddle her for a while. I believe we were emanating a post-yoga calming vibe that she found attractive. Wished I could take her home with me! :) 

Power of Two Kundalini participants with Rosan
Discover for yourself the wonders of doing Kundalini with Rosan Cruz at LIFE Yoga and have a bite to eat at Vibe Cafe later. Rosan also holds sessions in other yoga establishments located in Makati (Yoga Plus) and Alabang (The Center by SouLove). Keep updated where and what her next classes would be by following @rosancruz on Instagram and visiting the Kundalini Yoga Manila website.

* Thank you so much Lace Llanora for taking photos during the session! Highly appreciated :)

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