Watsons Challenges Consumers to Take The Switch Test

I've learned long ago that one doesn't need to buy really expensive brands all the time to get the best quality because there are also products that provide good value for money. Watsons has taught me that since I started buying many items from the store and helped me save money without compromising quality.

take The Switch Test and save!
There are many shoppers though who still believe that reliable products come with premium prices and that more affordable items are inferior and won't last longer. However, that's a misnomer especially if you still haven't encountered Watsons' Switch & Save campaign. 

For the past several years, Watsons have been showing its customers that switching from the leading brand means still getting excellent quality personal care products that are priced 80% less. The campaign has been enthusiastically embraced by everyday shoppers as well as high-profile endorsers such as Iya Villania, Christian Bautista, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and Patty Laurel, who have already made the switch.

(from left) Jared De Guzman, Ines Bernardo, Karen Fabres, 
Tessa Valdez, Krisel Macatangay, Christian Bautista, 
Janelle De Leon and Helen Capunong

However, despite the unbelievably great savings, there are still skeptics out there who remain unconvinced. Thus, the Watsons team decided to do The Switch Test by setting up unbranded booths in major cities around the country and putting its products up against category leaders.

Without showing customers what brands are involved, the Switch Test mediator had shoppers try out two items: one from Watsons and one from the leading brand. They were asked to examine, test, hold, and compare them so they can eventually choose the one they would most likely buy. 

Tessa Valdes with blogger Kaycee Liwanag
Which ones came out on top? One customer said, "Brand A lotion smells good, and is softer on the skin, compared to Brand B." She was surprised to learn that Brand A was actually Watsons and that it is 80% less expensive.

Another participant, who examined two toothbrushes, observed of the Watsons brand, "The bristles are softer and I feel it would clean my teeth better." He, too, made the switch and was thrilled about the additional savings.

blogger Valerie Tan tests a Watsons product with event host Ines Bernardo
Members of the media also got to experience The Switch Test during a recent press conference held at the Makati Shangri-La. Aside from the lotion and toothbrush, shoppers will also get to save 60% on body scrub and 55% on hair iron! 

Results from The Switch Test showed that 8 out of 10 shoppers prefer Watsons quality products and prices. To answer the age-old dilemma about choosing quality vs. savings, the answer is now something we can all agree upon -- pick both by switching to Watsons and getting more savings!   

* photos courtesy of First Tier Brands

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