Run for Integrity Reminds Everyone that "Integrity Starts with I"

Merriam-Webster defines integrity as "the quality of being honest and fair." That is something we sometimes fail to see in the Philippines especially when it comes to public service. Here, a lot of people are being shortchanged by the very individuals they believed would protect them and who they trusted enough to vote into government positions.

can you honestly say, "I am part of the solution"?
This past weekend, the Integrity Initiative held "I RUN for Integrity" at the CCP Complex. The event is envisioned to be another historical running event and a bold move of different sectors calling everyone to make integrity everyone’s business. 

I ran for integrity and I strive to be part of the solution!
In the 2011 and 2012 editions of the Integrity Run, over 12,000 runners participated, a meaningful show of force by advocates. This 2015, I Run for Integrity once more brought together government, business, youth, civil society, academe, church, and media in a symbolic gesture aiming to unite the participants towards the common goal of being part of the solution in fighting corruption.

gotta love roads without vehicles, just runners :)
I am personally glad to have been able to run with my husband in this event. The route was different from the usual ones we do when the starting line begins at the Mall of Asia. This time, we began from behind the Cultural Center of the Philippines, passing Sofitel on to the length of MOA's Seaside Drive towards Microtel covering the length of Coral Way then making a U-turn when we reached Macapagal Avenue. It was a novelty to also make a turn and run in front of the SMX Convention Center before heading back to CCP.

my favorite quote about integrity by a U.S. politician
More than from the refreshing change in route, I appreciated the significance of the run. I just hope that everybody who did join the event felt it, too. I also loved that the organizers had us recite the Integrity Pledge before we started running.  

Integrity Starts with I!
Joining the run was a great reminder that if we are hoping for a better future for our country, it should sink in that we all have to be part of the solution and not add to the problems. Like the run's finisher shirt says, "Integrity starts with I." And with another national elections happening a few months away, I pray that Filipinos will let honesty and their consciences dictate their actions -- not for just themselves but for everybody's sake. 

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