Give Flavorfully This Holiday Season with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's 2016 Giving Journal

A lot of people celebrate the Christmas season by finding ways to give back blessings to others. In the spirit of the upcoming yuletide holidays, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has once again taken upon itself the mission to spread joy in all forms and give flavor one cup at a time.

pursue your passions and treasure each moment 
Starting November 2015, CBTL will be offering its customers two special holiday flavors that are perfect companions for celebrating the season. Each drink will be available as an iced drink or a warm latte. 

The Toffee Nut flavor is inspired by traditional holiday confections comprised of a buttery caramelized sugar with a hint of nut, paired with the richness of espresso and a sprinkle of toffee bits. The Winter Dream Tea, on the other hand, is a beverage that blends rooibos and black tea with sweet spices and hints of vanilla. Both drinks were lovingly crafted to capture the spirit of Christmas in a cup ideally savored amidst the busyness of our holiday preparations.

find ways to be happy -- such as sharing your blessings!

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf also hopes to give flavorfully this season in ways that warm the soul as much as the body. Continuing the tradition of encouraging its customers to brew their best years, a new edition of The Giving Journal are set to be released soon. 

These journals are designed to inspire its owners to pursue their passions, find meaning, and feel fulfillment in everyday moments while also having the opportunity to give back and help others. CBTL partnered with Real LIFE Foundation, The Giving Journal's beneficiary, to support the educational needs of less fortunate students. 

The Giving Journal 2016 edition
It is heartwarming to know that, to date, CBTL has already sponsored 38 university scholars since 2011, giving them the chance to fulfill their dreams, help their families, and improve their prospects for a brighter future. Presently, the brand proudly shares that 13 of its sponsored scholars have already graduated from college.

The Giving Journal is available in four colors: teal blue, brown, yellow orange, and purple. For more information and to keep updated on upcoming promos, Like CBTL Philippines on Facebook

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