Monday, April 27, 2015

National Geographic Holds Successful NatGeoRun 2015 with 20,000 Registered Runners

I have been running (again) for eight months now and I guess I've gotten better at it because my husband registered me (without my permission) to join Nat Geo Run 2015's 10k category! Of course I was pressured! In all our practice runs, the longest distance I've covered was only about 7k but I took this one as a challenge to see how far my physical endurance could take me. (And this was after running 5k the day before at the Pro Earth Run! Spell C-R-A-Z-Y!) 

with husband and wife runner friends Jay and Beth
Since it was my first time to run a 10k route coming from the MOA running grounds going to Macapagal Avenue all the way to Roxas Boulevard, I kept anticipating a U-Turn anytime soon but the road seemed to stretch out longer and longer! I passed the World Trade Center, Star City, the CCP, and the Central Bank until I reached the street going to Malate Church! Honestly, at one point, I thought the route would never end :p

5:30AM gun start for the 10k runners
Thankfully, I finally arrived at the U-turn after about almost an hour since gun start. I kept my eyes open for the 42k runners and spotted my husband a few kilometers near the finish line. He was grinning like crazy when he saw me. I knew this personal coach of mine was happy I didn't look like I was already dying. As their category had to make another turn, I ran straight to the finish line.

unofficial time
I have to admit, I was surprised and pleased that I was able to finish 10k in 1:35:14 (according to my Runtastic app). Later, I found from the official race results that my time was actually 1:34:58 and that I finished 2121 out of 3555 runners. For someone who is not that competitive, I was simply happy not to end up last!

photo borrowed from the NatGeo Run FB page
According to the organizers, having 20,000 registered participants meant P1 million goes to the Tawbuid Mangyan Tribesfolk's Community, which contributes to the preservation of the bangaraws. (Ok, I have no idea what those are and can't find the word via Google. Enlighten me please if you know!) Glad to find out though that each family there will be receiving one solar grid, so yey!

NatGeoRun2015 Baguio leg
For those who still want to run for a cause, join the second leg of #NatGeoRun2015 at Melvin Jones Park, Baguio on May 24. The location's high altitude will decrease the amount of oxygen to muscles so this will be a true test for runners. 

All proceeds for the Nat Geo Earth Day Run will go towards providing sustainable energy sources for the Tawbuid Mangyan Tribesfolk Community. Register at or at Upper G/F SM Baguio. Let's continue to run for our planet!

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