Windows Phone App Review: Runtastic -- a Great Stats Tracker for Runners

I started running again (read here why) about four months ago. Before I went on my very first practice run, I downloaded several running apps that my friends have been using but had to immediately scrap one that required me to buy a gadget before I could use it.

I also got frustrated when the GPS on two other apps I downloaded on my iPod Touch won't work under the open sky without a roof to block the signal. Two practice runs later, by chance, I downloaded Runtastic on my Windows Phone to give it a try and got it to work the first time I opened it.

Here are several things I like about this app:

1. It has a paid and free version. Thus, newbie runners like me are not pressured to instantly buy a gadget to track one's heart rate. For starters, I was more concerned about time and distance.

2. The GPS works EVERY time and turns green from red just a few seconds after opening the app. No need for a WiFi connection.

3. It saves a map of where you ran each time. I like this feature because I could track how much progress I was making when adding new turns in my regular running route.  

4. It can help track many other activities like walking, cycling, skating, hiking, strength training, etc.  For fun, I once opened the app while shopping inside a surplus warehouse and the results were amusing.

5. It saves a history of all your data on your gadget and on its website so it's easy to check how much improvements I've been making.

The paid app, Runtastic PRO, offers more features like voice feedback, music, no ads, heart rate measurement, etc. I'm so far from being a professional runner yet so I'll just use the free version in the meantime :) By the way, Runtastic is also available for Android gadgets. My son has also used the app on his phone. 

I hope this post encourages my fellow newbie runners to also keep striving to stay fit and healthy not only for our sakes, but more for our loved ones :)   

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