Dove Philippines Holds First-Ever Dove Summit to Encourage Filipino Women to Embrace Their Real Beauty

Real Beauty is not about looking the way someone else says you should!

Sadly, a lot of women grew up thinking that they have to conform to imposed parameters such that many of us learn to hide or change how we really look just so we can live up to a standard of beauty perfection that is both unreal and unrealistic.

Ask women what their most disliked physical features are and everyone can rattle off a long list in seconds. But ask them what they like most about their bodies and they'll take time thinking long and hard what those are. 

Dove believes that this mindset has to change because every single Filipina deserves to look and feel beautiful! The sad thing is, only 7% of Filipinas actually consider themselves beautiful thus, it's time to turn this staggering statistic around!

There is Real Beauty in every woman -- a uniqueness that makes her special and beautiful. And this beauty must be celebrated and applauded, not concealed or altered. I am very blessed to have a husband who always has a way of boosting my confidence by regularly giving me positive affirmations. He's the person who looks straight into my eyes and tells me I look my loveliest in the morning right after I've woken up, bare face and make up free :)

Since 1992, Dove Philippines has made it its mission to help more Filipinas develop a positive self-image through the way they look by helping them raise their self-esteem and realize their full potentials. If you are among the 93% who don't feel you are not beautiful enough, do switch to the other end of the spectrum. It is time to reconnect with your Real Beauty right now!

This April, the brand held the first ever Dove Summit at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila where it hopes to reconnect consumers with the Dove brand and all it stands for to ultimately inspire more women and change the dismal statistics. With the help of online publication partners, Dove spearheaded live conversations with thousands of Filipinas of all ages across the country so that they can finally boldly declare and display their Real Beauty.

For many of my fellow females who attended the Summit, our first activity caused a bit of panic in some because we all had to take our make up off. The clincher was, we had to pose in front of popular women photographers who took our makeup-free portraits! I observed many who were filled with trepidation before they stepped in front of the camera. 

They needed not worry though. After the photo shoot sessions, all pictures were compiled in a video montage and shown during dinner. The result was amazingly beautiful and awe-inspiring. All the photos showed confident women who look comfortable in their own skins. That was an empowering moment! And it was equally impressive that even Unilever and Dove executives were not exempted from the challenge.

There is Real Beauty to be found in each one of us. And, with the help of superior technology in Dove products, women can feel more confident as we get their full benefits for our hair and body care needs. 

White outfits at the Dove Summit; and with photographer Ms. Pilar Tuason
Fellow Filipina, remember: WE ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN WE THINK!

Please come back and visit this blog again in the next few days. I'll share with you more about how Dove Skin, Dove Hair, and Dove Deos can result in glowing skin; beautifully soft, smooth, and damage-free hair; and whiter and smoother underarms :)

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* To see more photos taken during the Dove Summit, please click here

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