Dove Believes With Real Beauty Comes Real Care

The Dove Summit may be over for this year but Dove's advocacy on encouraging women to embrace their real beauty continues. The brand believes that every Filipina is beautiful and that the superior technology used in developing Dove products can further deliver the real care that women deserve.

Dove Skin dares females to bare their glowing skin. This starts with good hygiene. However, traditional habits in the way we cleanse and bathe can sometimes lead to skin problems. For instance, the use of regular soap, with harsh and skin-damaging ingredients, can also be a source of skin diseases or infections especially if we share our soap with others.

Thus, the better option is to use body wash because it prevents the transfer of bacteria that can wreak havoc on the skin's natural, healthy balance. Clinical tests also show that ordinary soap can leave skin feeling dry because it removes moisture along with dirt without replenishing the skin's needed moisture levels. So, without enough moisture, skin becomes dull and rough.

Traditionally, milk (or milk-like ingredients) were incorporated in bath products to act as moisturizers. This is due to old beliefs that say milk can make skin soft and smooth. New Dove Body Wash is actually far more superior than milk because it contains a rich blend of natural moisturizers that work together to provide skin the deep nourishment it needs.

New Dove Body wash contains the innovative Nutrium Moisture, which is a breakthrough formula that combines gentle cleansing with deep down nourishment. It replenishes functional lipids that are lost during cleansing by deeply penetrating to the lower layers of the skin to deliver essential nutrients that delivers care from within. The result? Skin that looks and feels soft, smooth, and beautifully glowing!

Dove Hair, on the other hand, lets women enjoy beautifully soft, smooth, and damage-free hair. According to studies, 8 out of 10 Filipinas have damaged hair but only 1 in 3 actually do something about it. Some of the causes can be traced to hair coloring, blow drying, straightening, and every over-brushing! 

We all know how a "bad hair day" can change our self-confidence because of how we feel about our overall appearance. Thus, Dove's hair care philosophy centers on repairing the damage at the core of most hair problems such as hair fall, split ends and frizziness caused by gaps and holes in the hair that occur at the cellular level. 

healthy hair doesn't sink in water because it doesn't have gaps and holes
Let Dove Hair Care Products' Keratin-Active technology repair those gaps and holes to nourish and restore your hair structure. By replenishing the protein hair needs, it becomes stronger and more resistant to damage-causing heat and pollution to enable women to once again sport beautifully soft, smooth, and damage-free hair.

As for Dove Deos, reach high with white and smoother underarms! Don't be included in the 8 out of 10 women who think twice before raising their arms because of how their underarms look. Isn't it very inconvenient when dark and rough underarms are the ones to dictate what you wear, how you raise your arms, and how it ultimately affects your self-confidence?

Most women subject their underarms to constant damage through shaving and plucking that lead to irritation and redness. Melanin is then produced by the underarm to cope with the damage so that it can protect and heal itself. Unfortunately, this results to hyper pigmentation and skin darkening. Take note that underarm skin takes around 20-30 days to heal itself but women pluck or shave 2-3 times a week!

Dove believes that a woman is at her most beautiful when she is confident about every part of her body, including her underarms. This is why Dove Deodorant delivers superior care of underarm skin with its unique formulation of 1/4 moisturizing cream and Vitamins E and F to moisturize skin and make it less prone to damage. 

Aside from repairing skin and restoring it to its natural condition, Dove lightens underarm skin and prevents further darkening, making skin whiter and smoother in just 7 days. 

Help spread the word that real beauty comes from real care. Tell the women you care about that they're beautiful just as they are and that they'd feel more confident if they make efforts to better take care of themselves inside and out.

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