Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Crosswinds Resort Suites Tagaytay -- The Perfect Place to Temporarily Get Away From It All

Many of us always dream of having a day or two where we won't have to think about the stresses of everyday life or the tons of stuff we need to finish at work. Early this week, my family had that kind of day and it was a most welcome and refreshing change from our regular routines.

Hubby and I were really busy this past summer and we didn't even get to make plans for a real vacation with the kids. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to have a "Last Hurrah for Summer" even for just two days with our boys. 

And so last Monday, we headed to cool Tagaytay where we have booked an overnight stay at Crosswinds Resort Suites. The hotel, called Grand Quartier 2, is located inside the leisure Alpine Village community of Crosswinds Tagaytay. It is nestled on the hillside of this 100-hectare development.

It is advisable to put your car windows down when you pass the main guard house/gates and savor the fresh air and crisp scent of the 20,000 pine trees planted all over the huge land area. The sights of the rolling hills and sweeping vistas are welcome sights indeed for weary travelers who seek respite from the stresses of work and urban life.

My family and I were very much delighted upon entering the two-bedroom suite that was to be our home for the next two days. It has beautifully-appointed furniture and is very spacious -- just perfect for a big family like ours. Of course, hubby and I took the master's bedroom for ourselves :D It has its own TV and balcony, along with a lot of cabinets. It also has a connecting door to the bathroom.

Two of the boys installed themselves in the other bedroom where there is a desk for their laptop. Yeah, it's hard for all of us not to stay connected with the outside world via our social media networks :) Thankfully, Crosswinds has a great internet connection so we all got to post photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The other two boys slept in the living room because the couch served as comfortable beds. The pull out with extra foam mattress was perfect for our special child because it gave us peace of mind that there won't be any danger of him falling off the bed while he's asleep.

Crosswind's hotel itself is quite far from Tagaytay's main road though so I suggest you bring food stocks and ingredients for cooking if you plan on a staycation all throughout your visit. Each room has its own kitchen with virtually every equipment you'll need to prepare a good meal. 

The afternoon we were there, I made spaghetti for our afternoon merienda then we just went out for dinner. I asked one of Crosswind's friendly staff for his recommended restaurant that serves good bulalo and he pointed us to Leslie's

So off we went to look for the place and easily found it along Aguinaldo Highway just past the Tagaytay rotunda. My ravenous brood happily ate everything we ordered. It was such a happy feeling to see everyone I love enjoying their food. 

Before we went back to Crosswinds, I tried taking several shots of the lighting bolts that were illuminating the far side of Taal Lake. I slightly regretted that I didn't bring my tripod with me because I think I could have taken better shots. Anyhow, I found one that I really like :)

Sleep was a welcome reprieve. All of us had a restful night after taking hot showers or a long bath. I love the softness of the quilt that wrapped us snugly in its embrace. Morning came too soon, though. We got a wake up call around 9AM telling us that we only have an hour left to grab something to eat. Before going down, I took a peek outside the glass doors and the view outside the balcony was a sweet sight for sleepy eyes. 

Hubby and I availed of the complimentary breakfast for two and left the kids still sleeping in the room. We bought a lot of food supplies for them the night before at a 7-Eleven store so they'll have bread, spreads, chocolate milk, and more to keep their tummies full when they wake up.

We checked out a little past 12NN, fully recharged to face a new week of school and work. Before leaving the Crosswinds estate, we took a tour around the area and checked out the swimming pool (unfortunately, it's quite far from the hotel so we didn't get to take a dip anymore) and the quaint Christmas Village.

If the ground was not damp from the previous night's rain, I would have loved to revisit the high, grassy area they use as a helicopter pad. It was where we flew sky lanterns during the Nuffamily Day held there a couple of years ago. That was another one of our special moments spent as a family.

As we said goodbye to Crosswinds, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness for that brief time we were able to spend as a family away from home before the kids return to school and me and hubby to our busy days at work.  I know this is another moment to treasure and remember in future years when the boys have all grown up and are living their own lives. 

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Crosswinds is located at Brgy. Iruhin Central, Calamba Road, Tagaytay City. Call (632) 856-9601, (632) 623-7084, or (63917) 569-6280. You may also email and log on to This amazing property is managed by Hospitality International, Inc. (HII).  

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