Sunday, June 05, 2011

Loads of Memories Gathered During Nuffnang's Nuffamily Day :)

Summer vacation is over and the kids are about to go back to school soon. Sadly, our family wasn't able to go out of town due to my, and hubby's, work demands plus hubby's recent hospital confinement.

When Nuffnang announced in May that they'll be hosting a picnic for 50 members and their families, I eagerly joined the blogging contest and hoped to be chosen so that we could at least unwind for a day before classes start.

Last Saturday, the much-awaited Nuffamily Day arrived. Since we're bringing along our son with special needs, hubby and I opted to hire a van instead of joining the other families who rode the Nuffnang bus. We left the house a little early (thank goodness the heavy rain stopped!) because I wanted to stop by Solenad in Nuvali to show the kids the hundreds of koi fish there which seemed to be always waiting to be fed by visitors :p

In less than half an hour, we were on our way again to Tagaytay. We arrived at the serenely beautiful Crosswinds (the groves upon groves of pine trees would make you feel like you're in Baguio!) before the busses and enjoyed chatting with the very accommodating Nuffnang staff who were already there. We had more time to explore the fenced in picnic area, a small, flat hill overlooking some very nice scenery, and take some pictures.

Pretty soon, the other families arrived and the fun and games began. Nuffnang and its sponsors prepared a lot  of food and activities. Almost everyone participated in the laughter-inducing games. I still hope to see a photo of my family joining the newspaper dance and the-boat-is-sinking game because we did some crazy stuff that had many of us howling with glee.

When darkness fell, blue and white (Nuffnang's colors!) paper lanterns were distributed. Groups started lighting the wax attached to the lantern's base. It was quite hard to do because the wind kept blowing our candle out. Finally, after a lot of waiting for the hot air to fill out the balloon, our first lantern flew! Soon after, hubby and the boys also got to make the second lantern fly.

It was so wonderful seeing all those floating lights up in the dark sky. I'd bet that particular moment became very special to everyone present that night. It is a memory worth saving and I'm very, very happy to spend that moment with all the boys in my life.

Thank you Nuffnang for making Nuffamily Day wonderful for everyone who was there. And thank you to all the sponsor products and services that made the day/night extra special :) For more photos, please click here.

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