City Delivery Now Also Delivers Medicines!

In recent years, whenever many of us feel too lazy to cook as well as go out to eat, we'd just have fast food delivered to our doorsteps. The downside about it though is that there were only a few establishments with delivery services and, after ordering the same food items over and over again, the convenience doesn't seem worth it anymore.

So I was really glad to discover that there's a delivery service that can deliver not just fast food, but restaurant fare, almost anywhere in Metro Manila! Last week, I logged on to City Delivery's website and searched for food establishments located near our place. What's so nice about the site is that you can find your area easily on the left side of the screen. The drop down menu would provide you with a list of food stores you can order from plus their menu offerings.

The customer service rep I talked to when I called 87878 said it would take approximately 45 minutes to an hour before our order arrives. The driver got here after around 50 minutes. I like the thought that we can just call City Delivery's hotline and order food for whatever reason. That time, I was drowning in deadlines and haven't been able to replenish the contents of our ref. Instead of spending precious moments going to the grocery to buy ingredients and then cook dinner, I thought it would be faster to order food since hubby was out and there were only me and two of the boys at home.

On the website, I also saw that City Delivery has partnered with The Generics Pharmacy and now also delivers medicines. Now that is innovation! 

The Generics Pharmacy is known to be one of the most trusted drugstores in the country where Filipinos can buy generic and reasonably-priced medicine. In fact, it was chosen as one of the 10 Top Businesses of the Decade by Entrepreneur Magazine. Thus, the tie-up with City Delivery is another step towards reaching their customers better.

According to the City Delivery website, customers can now avail of this first ever real-time medicine delivery in the metro and have over-the-counter as well as maintenance meds delivered at their convenience. Imagine having to stay home with a sick loved one with no one else to rely on to buy medicine outside. The option of having the needed meds brought to you would be heaven-sent!

If you are buying over-the-counter medicine, just place your order directly via City Delivery's call center, text line, and/or website. If your medicine needs prescription to buy, do these instead:

1. Order via hotline, text line, and/or website.
2. Email ( or fax them a copy of the doctor's prescription. Ask for the fax numbers from the CSRs.
3. Your orders will then be processed and soon after delivered  to you.

So maintain your health or attend to your medical needs without having to travel to the pharmacy. For more information on The Generics Pharmacy delivery, call City Delivery at 87878, text them at 0917-6387878 or log on to 

* City Delivery charges 10% of the total bill as delivery fee

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