Saturday, September 01, 2012

It's More Fun to Shop at SM Southmall!

I live in the South area and know places here where discerning shoppers can find good deals. When I heard about SM Southmall's 3-Day Sale the other day, I wanted to see for myself how low the prices can go and if I can really find nice stuff at affordable prices. You know what? I did! And if I had more moolah to spend, I'd probably have bought more :p 

What's great about this particular shopping trip was that I went around the mall with friends Marj, Jonel, and Noks which added to the fun of hunting for the best buys.

Before we did let go of our cash, we visited various to stores to see which sell value-for-money items. Of course, we also didn't waste the opportunity to have fun posing with various store displays. A lot of friendly SM staff gamely held our cameras as we posed for posterity.

Man it was hard to choose what to buy!!! Almost everywhere we look, there were nice items at discounted prices. For instance, check out the prices of these pretty curtains outside Our Home:

I also spotted beautiful dresses for little girls in Periwinkle. I would have loved to shop a bit for my nieces but I don't know how big they are or what their favorite hues are nowadays. Look at the color-coordinated displays of dresses and matching accessories. Super adorable! Perhaps when my sister and sister-in-law see these pics, they'd decide to buy some for their daughters. Paging Sharon and Lanie! :D

My real dilemma started when I drifted to the ladies' bags section inside the Department Store. OMG! There were so many gorgeous bags sold at 20-50% off that it was really, really hard to pick one. I actually needed a new big black bag but can't find a design I like. And then ... a Parisian pink and gray bag caught my eye. Can you see it in the photo below?

I don't usually buy bags in colors that would be difficult to match with clothes, but I really fell in love with this one. Its price tag says P599.75 but I got it at 20% off so I only paid P479.80 :) My friend Marj wanted a bag in an unusual color and she got a nice yellow one from this display. From P799.95, all bags you see in the photo below were marked down to P399.75! 

While browsing the shoes section, we bumped into two more friends who just came from the basement. Aylin, who was with Sella, showed us some nice cotton undies that sell for P49.00 each so Marj and I went down to buy some for ourselves. While there, we also found a rack filled with sundresses that cost P199.00 each.

Long story short, we chose three designs each, headed to the fitting room and had so much fun trying out the clothes.

Marj bought the three dresses she tried on. I bought two and modeled them for hubby the moment I got home :) 

Yesterday, I also went to SM Southmall with another set of friends. Despite the quite pricey shirts at Three Stars and a Sun, Jeman and I found ladies shirts (the red one on the photo below) that sell for only P165 each! That's a rare find. I got one for myself and he bought one for his sister.

Later, I also happened to pass by Michelis and, after many years, finally decided to get myself a pendant that represents the first letter of my name. It's made of sterling silver and resin and costs P988.00. I opted not to buy a chain anymore since I already have several silver ones at home. 

Needless to say, I'm very happy with my purchases. It has been months since I treated myself to some personal stuff. Most of the time, especially when my kids were still small, I get home from sales bearing gifts for everyone in my family but myself. Now that the boys are all in their teens, I figured they won't mind their mom spending a bit for herself for once.

Before we parted ways, my friends and I dropped by Black Canyon Coffee where I ordered my favorite Red Bean Green Tea Frappe and took home a chicken dish as pasalubong for my kids. 

All in all, I really had fun spending a few hours away from my never-ending deadlines and forgot about them for just a little while. Anyhow, we all need to unwind every now and then and shopping therapy is one the best ways I could think of :D Just make sure to stick to your budget and find the best deals possible. Honestly, I was able to do that at The Big Sale at SM Southmall.

Truly, it's more fun to shop there especially when you're with friends! :) The 3-Day Sale is only until tomorrow, September 2, so you still have one day to check out the great bargains for yourself and your loved ones. Enjoy! :)

* To see more photos of various stuff on sale, please click here.

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Thanks for the photos Ruth! :P

Marjorie Uy said...

Love the photos! It shows how much we enjoyed the afternoon! Thanks for the company. =)