One-Night-Only Rex@Resorts World Manila Show to be staged this Aug. 24

After listening to mp3s and watching YouTube videos of Rex Navarrete for years, I finally got to hear the Fil-Am standup comedian deliver some hilarious lines live. The afternoon turned out to be such a fun one because Mike Unson was also there to make us laugh.

During the Q and A portion, press con attendees got to ask the two funny men a variety of questions. Here are some of their candid replies:

Rex on the most difficult audiences: “I’d like to always assume that every Filipino is gonna love every joke that I do and that’s not true. And I found that out the hard way, many times, over and over again. [But] I have non-Filipino [audiences] enjoying the entire routine and they’ll come up to me after the show and say ‘I love everything, I understood everything’. [However,] this is not the business to be in if you want everybody to be happy.”

Rex on pleasing other people: “I try to stick to what I like writing. It’s nice to say I’ve gone this far without having to compromise my material and my approach in the voices. I’ll only disappoint myself as well as my fans if I had to write according to someone else’s taste.”

Mike on making Korean jokes: “I taught in a Korean school so I make sure to mention that when there are Koreans around so they’ll realize I’m not just making fun of them but that I’m talking out of experience. If it’s funny, they don’t mind. If they don’t react, and if they’re Korean ladies, I just ask for their phone numbers.”

Rex on making time for his wife and kids: “When I’m not on the road, I’m home with my family. I’m just a full-time dad. I’m the yaya. We have an active household, just trying to raise kids, honestly.”

Mike on finding material: “I enjoy meeting people. Some of them end up being my friends. Some of them end up being [in my routines].”

Rex on conceptualizing acts: “I’ve always tried to keep it within boundaries and never cross the edge where I might offend a person personally. When I do the Manny routine, I’m only bringing up stuff that everyone already knows but I am making it my own and hopefully, maybe try different angles that no one else has thought of.”

Rex on getting feedback from Manny Pacquaio: “I’d like to, now that [the act] is 25 minutes long, sure! Verbal feedback would be better than physical feedback though. I’d like for him to sit in the audience. We’ve got 2 tickets waiting for Manny.”


1. Like the Write, Breathe, Live and Trails Unlimited pages on Facebook.

2. Attach the link of this blog post ( on your status message then write, “I’d like to win two tickets to Rex@ResortsWorld Manila via Write, Breathe, Live (tagged) and Trails Unlimited (tagged)!” [To tag the pages, just type "@" before each page name].

3. Make sure that your status message is set to be viewed by “Everyone” and not just “Friends Only” or “Friends of Friends”. Your post must appear in WBL’s and TU’s walls to qualify.

4. Deadline for posting of status messages will be at 12nn on Tuesday (Aug. 23). Two winners of two tickets each will be announced that night. Winners will be chosen via digital drawing using I will PM you my mobile number so we can meet at Resorts World on Aug. 24 at least an hour before the show starts.

For more details about the show and to watch a clip of Rex’s hilariously famous Maritess vs. the Superfriends, please click here.

Edit: Aug. 23 -- Here are the names of winners for the tickets giveaway.  I have already PM'd you Ryan Vargas and Milcah Baluyot. Please confirm if you can make it tomorrow. See you at the show!

Thank you very much to the others who also joined! Please stay tuned for other contests coming up soon :)

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