Nuffamily Day!

Nice events, exciting promos, and cool prizes! Those are just some of the things I love about Nuffnang Philippines

I've been a member of this website since October 2009 and I've already been to several of their events. Those were occasions where I constantly meet a lot of nice people such as fellow bloggers and very accommodating Nuffnang staff like Anne, Trixie, and Rendhl. 

I appreciate how Nuffnang caters to both male and female bloggers. They hold events and promos for moms but they also offer exciting prizes for single people and men. Next week, they'll be having a Nuffamily Day and I'd really love to be part of that. See, my family and I haven't had the chance yet to go out of town and fully enjoy the summer break. There always seemed to be a lot of stuff to attend to at home and at work that hubby and I hadn't the time, nor the energy, to make solid plans. 

But when I read that Nuffnang will be holding a family day that involves floating lanterns, a special scene from the movie Tangled came to mind. I'd love to experience that with my hubby and our four boys! I can just imagine our eyes lighting up at an awesome sight such as dozens of lights flying upwards. My son with special needs, most especially, would definitely find that amazing.

If we do get to go, we'll just be meeting up with the group in Tagaytay. It would be hard to travel by bus with all the paraphernalia that I always need to bring when traveling with my special child. I really look forward to having fun with fellow Nuffies and their families. The Nuffamily Day promises to be a special chance to create wonderful memories for everyone.

Thanks in advance to Nuffnang's sponsors for making the event possible :)

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