How do you keep your kids safe online?

Like many parents who are raising kids in this high-technology era, I am very much concerned about what my children are getting from playing game consoles and going online. In fact, our PC at home can only be opened by my husband or myself using a password upon boot-up. This assures me that when both of us are not at home, the kids can't just log in and surf away.

Sure, there are many advantages to being able to research information seemingly at the speed of light. But there are lots of dangers too that we must be vigilant about.

When I saw this poster from someone's profile in Facebook, I immediately sent an email and signed up to go. I am very interested to know more how I could enforce safety for my kids when they use the internet.

If you are also interested to attend, please visit for more information.

Here's the seminar's promotional video containing alarming statistics about kids and online activities:

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