Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Available Now on HOOQ: Five Decades of the Best Filipino Movies and Over 4,000 Hours of Philippine TV Shows

Filipinos love watching films and TV series and we have a wide variety of local ones. For many movie goers, seeing a light romantic comedy can already help take a day's stresses away. Others love screaming with friends and scaring each other over Pinoy horror films while some watch teleseryes with stories they can usually relate to. 

movie buffs
Whatever your reasons for watching are, I believe supporting Filipino talents and the local film and TV industry is a good thing. HOOQ successfully helped promote this with its second HOOQ Hangouts themed #LovePinoy last Friday night with a screening of Every Breath You Take starring Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban at the Globe Iconic Store in Bonifacio Global City.

Jane Cruz-Walker, Country Manager of HOOQ Philippines, explained, "With the start of the -ber months, everyone is expecting the weather to be a bit colder, so we chose a romantic comedy that's guaranteed to rekindle that warm fuzzy feeling and make our subscribers feel some Pinoy love."

#LovePinoy at HOOQ Hangouts

Sunday, September 25, 2016

JaDine's James Reid and Nadine Lustre Reveal Their Favorite 7-Eleven City Blends Flavors

For coffee lovers, this widely consumed beverage is a must-have at least once a day. After all, that caffeine kick can help get us through a busy morning or a tough client presentation. For some, coffee can even serve as a way to ask someone on a date or as a great bonding moment with friends. 

City Blends: the third wheel in JaDine's dates 
However, famous couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre of the JaDine fame humorously admit that coffee is a constant third wheel when they get together on dates. They also drink it in between shooting TV shows and films. Their choice of coffee brand? 7-Eleven's City Blends.

"I prefer Brewed Coffee. It helps me focus on set where there are so many distractions," revealed James. Nadine, on the other hand prefers her coffee sweet so she loves French Vanilla because, "the creamy taste perks me up."   

these hugot lines are funny! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Lady’s Choice Gives Moms a Chance to Win KidZania Manila Courtesy PaZZes!

A lot of studies have already proven the many benefits of educational play. These activities not only provide entertainment, but more so offer advantages for the many facets of a child's development

KidZania Manila mascots
Last year, KidZania Manila opened in Bonifacio Global City and it continues to delight thousands of children who loved role playing different "jobs" offered at the Interactive Kids' City

If your little one hasn't been there yet, here's your chance to win courtesy paZZes for you and your child ℅ Lady's Choice Philippines

First, you have to buy a Lady's Choice Roast Beef or Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ spread and keep the proof of purchase. TIP: Both flavors are really good! I suggest you try them both :)

choose your Lady's Choice flavor: #ChickenorBeef and join the promo!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer: Keeping Our Family Safe from Insect-Borne Diseases

Our home should be a haven where the family feels safe. Unfortunately, there are household pests that still get to invade our privacy and, worse, bring unwanted diseases that bring us harm. Personally, I strongly hate mosquitoes because they are the reasons why I spent a couple of weeks in the hospital when I was still in college due to a bad bout with dengue. I don't want that to happen to my kids!

a bite from an infected mosquito can have deadly consequences!  
Thus, any sign of mosquito activity in our house means war! I feel no qualms about liberally spraying their hiding places with Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer. I like this aerosol spray brand because:

1. It is effective. Besides our bedrooms and the living room, I often spray around our laundry area before I start loading clothes in the washing machine. Since we do laundry outdoors, I make sure I don't get bitten by mosquitoes even while hanging clothes to dry.

2. It is versatile. Aside from mosquitoes, Pest Off!'s special formulation kills other flying and crawling insects like cockroaches, houseflies, fleas, and other insects that also cause many diseases. The spray drives pests out of their hiding places and eliminates them.

Pest Off! Complete Insect Killer
is available in two sizes

Friday, September 09, 2016

Myth or Truth? Licealiz Launches Campaign on What Parents Need to Know About Lice Infestation and Prevention

I grew up in the province where adults would usually prohibit kids from playing outside under the sun because they believe we will get head lice if we do. I also heard warnings that kids who won't let their moms or grandmas remove lice from their heads will be flown off towards the mountains once the lice multiplied a thousand times.

the truth is, kids can get lice from direct contact with others who have infested heads 
It's funny to find out that celebrity mom, Love Añover, was also told the same things, and more, when she was growing up. Now that we're both mommies, I can totally relate to her story of having her child infected with head lice by their house helper. The same thing happened to my kids when they were still small.

One summer, my boys stayed with their cousin for a week and when they got home, their hair and scalps were crawling with lice! It turned out that my sister-in-law's helpers were infected and passed on the condition to all the kids they took care of. It took me days to diligently remove the nits (eggs) and lice by hand and by suyod from my boys' heads :(    

Licealiz brings the KKK campaign to public schools

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Converse Philippines Launches Counter Climate Sneakers for Its Fall/Holiday 2016 Collection

The rainy (and stormy) days are here again. And I am sure all of us have experienced, at one time or another, having our feet and shoes soaked in puddles and flash floods. Very inconvenient, right? Especially if you have to endure wet socks inside wet shoes while caught in heavy traffic or walking ankle deep in floodwaters just to get to your destination.

wearing my Converse CTAS II Shield Canvas sneakers
Last year, I fortunately discovered the benefits of wearing the stylish and waterproof Converse Rubber Chucks (read my review, here) and I continue to feel grateful when I have them on during rainy days. That pair has saved my feet (and my other shoes) countless times including one Friday night a couple of weeks ago when heavy rain caused so much traffic, the bus I was riding on got stuck on the Skyway for two hours! Because I was wearing my Rubber Chucks, I eventually got down and confidently walked the remaining 2km going to Magallanes, not minding the puddles and mud other people were studiously avoiding.

some of the pairs from the Counter Climate collection 
This 2016, Converse launches its Counter Climate line featuring more fashionable and waterproof sneakers that protect wearers' feet from the elements. I feel fortunate to be test driving the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star (CTAS) II Shield Canvas with a water-resistant upper and Nike Lunarlon cushioning that provides superior comfort.

Nike Lunarlon cushioning in middle shoe

Yakap: Embracing Our Differences -- a Must-See Film Advocating for People with Special Needs and Their Families

It can be hard to imagine how life is with a family member who has special needs -- until, perhaps, you spend some time to take a peek into our daily lives and see how we exactly face the challenges of parenting a special child.

our special needs family (minus our firstborn who was at the office) 
But why would you need to do that, you ask? The thing is, a lot of people still find it hard to accept others who are differently-abled and are resistant about including persons with special needs into the mainstream population. 

A compassionate society -- this is where the vision and mission of the Center for Possibilities Foundation (CPF) revolves. The organization was formed 10 years ago by Dolores Cheng, whose son Andreas (now 22) was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay when he was three years old. "There were no support groups for his particular type of disability. I didn't know where to go, who to see, where to find what I needed to know," she recalls. 

Dolores with participants of a football game organized by the CFP

Monday, September 05, 2016

Conrad Manila Celebrates Inspired Weddings Featuring Francis Libiran, Patricia Santos, Top Brands, and Wedding Suppliers

These days, saying "I Do" has become lavish affairs that couples thoroughly plan for to create a truly memorable event. In the Philippines, Conrad Manila is the latest wedding urban destination to provide soon-to-be husbands and wives with their dream weddings.

Christian Bautista and Venus Raj wearing Francis Libiran
The idyllic venue brings to life dream nuptials with the help of its dedicated and inspired team of individuals who ensure that guests' needs are impeccably met and every detail immaculately executed. Conrad Manila further features pillar-less, high-ceilinged ballrooms and a spacious outdoor garden able to accommodate various kinds of affairs that range from intimate to big social celebrations.

a simple yet elegant wedding cake
But, aside from being conveniently located near the city's grandest churches, this hotel is also perfectly situated such that weddings and other important gatherings could have the romantic detail of the picturesque Manila Bay sunset vista as their breathtaking backdrop.

one of the gowns designed by Patricia Santos

Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) is Now Home!

What do former House Speaker Feliciano "Sonny" Belmonte, Blas Ople, Wigberto Tanada, and Alberto Romulo have in common? All of them are alumni of Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU)! These men, and countless others, are just a few of the Filipinos who helped forge the Philippines' political foundation and the government on which this country now stands. 

MLQU's list of notable alumni
MLQU was founded in 1947 as a law school by Dr. Leoncio Monzon and eighteen other lawyers and justices. Formerly known as Manuel L. Quezon Institute, the establishment later received university status in 1958 and started offering several other undergraduate courses such as Architecture, Engineering, Education, Arts and Sciences, and Criminology

former House Speaker Sonny Belmonte

Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 Things to Consider When Finding a Financial Advisor

Let's admit it. Very few of us know how to do proper financial planning. On our own, it will take a lot of time to self-educate ourselves on how best to manage our personal finances along with planning for a secure future. Sure, there are self-help books, seminars, and courses we can enroll in to learn more about handling our finances but it will greatly benefit us to get help from an expert we can directly talk to about budgeting, investing, etc.

personal finance planning can be tricky if you don't know how to go about it properly
That's what a Financial Advisor (FA) is for -- to properly guide you in choosing the best ways to grow your money towards financial freedom for yourself and for your family. According to Registered Financial Planner (RFP) Aya Laraya, "Planning ahead with specific goals and getting the help of a licensed financial professional will help you make smarter financial moves and help you take more control of your future."

Last Saturday, my husband and I attended Sun Life's #Money4LifeChallenge seminar where Aya helped us understand the importance of finding a financial advisor who is a perfect fit for our needs.

Aya advised that before beginning this business relationship, one should clearly state expectations by letting the potential FA know the financial goals you'd like to achieve and what you would like him/her to help you with.    

a Financial Advisor is someone you can trust and be comfortable with 


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