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Create Your Favorite Feeling with FAVORI Scents

Scents can give us a way to control how we feel whether we'd like to boost our mood or take away the stresses from a long day. JAC Tripon, a marketing practitioner turned scent crafter, is a firm believer in the power of aromas. It was her dream to provide the Philippine market with quality and long lasting scents at affordable prices.

Celebrate life in the tropics with FAVORI’s Tropical Blast scent, 
available in Aroma Oils for aerators, diffusers, 
and burner devices as well as Reed Diffusers
This is why she decided to start FAVORI, a handcrafted home fragrances brand that allows customers to create a favorite feeling through their selected scents. FAVORI means favorite in the French language. It was chosen to express JAC's desire to capture every individual's preferred scent in each variant she designs.

"I want my customers to be able to identify with a scent that they can call their favorite," shared JAC who understands that scent preferences vary depending on a person's personality, mood, lifestyle, and specific needs. 

Channel some cool mediterranean inspiration with 
the FAVORI Rain Dance and Olive Branch Aroma Oils

Personally, I really appreciate places that smell really nice. It's not surprising then that hotels even have their own signature scents made to boost the ambiance in their lobbies. At home, I often use air sprays to make a room smell fragrant or to eliminate unpleasant odors from the kitchen and bathroom.

Imagine my joy when I received a FAVORI aerator and several scented oils to try! I love how this helps do away with repeated spraying to maintain a scent in a room. I just put water and some drops of oil inside the container, put on the pretty leaf-designed lid, plug it in a wall socket, and turn it on for several hours. It's fascinating to gaze at the changing colors of the light reflected on the water while the air turns fragrant in minutes.  

our FAVORI leaf aerator and first set of lovely-scented aroma oils
I've found that my family enjoys using FAVORI most inside the bedroom when the air conditioner is on. I think my son with special needs even sleeps better when I use the Olive Branch (Nurturing) scent because it calms him down. My favorite, so far though, is the Cranberry Wine (Cheering) scent maybe because I've always loved the smell of fruits and flowers. Sniffing the air when this aroma is around honestly lifts my mood.

FAVORI offers a scent for every nook of the house, office, or retail area to enhance the ambiance of any space, eliminate unwanted odors, and refresh the air with a cleansing anti-bacterial agent. FAVORI scents range from sweet to stimulating, upbeat to relaxing, and zesty to fresh among others. Each one was researched, tested, and carefully crafted to improve peoples' wellbeing. 

Feel balanced and bright with one of FAVORI’s newest scents, 
Pink Grapefruit available in aroma oils for aerators, 
diffusers and burner devices as well as reed diffusers
Aside from the aerator, FAVORI also has a wide selection of Aroma Oils, Reed Diffusers, Air Sprays, Soy Aroma Candles, and Aroma Pouches. There are likewise numerous options for Aerators, Diffusers, and Burner Devices in stylish designs.

Plus, the brand also considers the wellbeing of the environment by being a recycling advocate. I am actually excited to use up the existing oils I have so I can return the empty FAVORI bottles and get discounts on my next purchases! :)

Reward yourself with a massage and make sure to include 
FAVORI’s Massage Oils (in Eucalyptus and Lavender scents) 
and Soy Aroma Candles in your experience.
Get a FREE Leaf Aerator by collecting 10 stamps in your FAVORI Rewards promo card. Every P1,000 purchase of any FAVORI scent products or aroma devices entitles customers to one stamp. The promo runs until October 15, 2016. Redemption of leaf aerators is until December 15, 2016.

For the complete list of available scents and their benefits, please read this feature on FAVORI brand ambassador Angel Aquino. Be updated on the latest promos by following @favoriscents on Instagram, liking, and visiting FAVORI scents are available at Robinsons Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall, and Market! Market!

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