Thursday, March 31, 2016

Banana Peel Sandals: Footwear Not Just for Summer

For the longest time, sandals were just considered summer footwear that one needs when going to the beach or for lounging around the house. However, ever-changing fashion trends have given birth to peoples' constant search for what's unique, chic, and … yes, Instagrammable!

pretty OOTD!
Features about sandals such as those from the New York Times' shower slide/sandal story that appeared on the pages of its T Magazine, a generous spread from Glamour Magazine's online pages, and an Essentials slide feature under the Fashion & Style banner of the NY Times, are proof that the once simple pair of sandals have come a long way and already arrived in style.   

In the Philippines, Banana Peel has once more redefined its customers' favorite must-have footwear by coming up with a variety of sandals for all seasons while keeping in mind form, function, and fashion. The flip flops specialty retailer offers the following:

Paprika sandals
The Paprika line for girls was designed for the budding fashionista who has started to become more conscious of what she wears. The sandals can be matched with a young girl's favorite clothes that she likes wearing during playtime or for a casual Friday look in school. Available are up to six color combinations that range from a dainty-looking pink sandal base with orange and green strap combo to a more urban denim-orange-pink combo. Each pair retails for PhP 530 with kiddie sizes ranging from 9 to 14.

The Cayenne and Sutton lines, on the other hand, offers a lot of OOTD (outfit of the day) pegs for fashionable and active young ladies. If you like wearing dainty dresses, distressed shorts, and eye-catching swimwear, combine those with Sutton's vibrant, solid colors to make your IG flat lays pop out. Sutton is sold at PhP 550 per pair.

Sutton sandals
When the rains come after summer, exchange your favorite non-waterproof shoes with a pair of Cayennes. These rubber sandals are perfect for matching with boyfriend pants and solid tops, shorts, long skirts, and even office slacks to minimize those rainy commuting woes. Like the Sutton, Cayenne comes in colorful combinations that will bring life to your feet without looking too juvenile. They retail for PhP 570 a pair.

Like all Banana Peel products, items in the new collections are made using quality, comfortable, anti-slip, and eco-friendly rubber so kids and kids-at-heart can safely have fun while wearing these footwear. Consumers can also rest assured that no lead and other harmful chemicals were used in the production of each pair.   

Cayenne sandals
Know more about Banana Peel by visiting All three lines are now available at Banana Peel concept stores and through online purchase. Guys, don't fret, you can find items for boys and men at their website, too! :)

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