Monday, January 11, 2016

Look Forward to an Exciting and Fresh Year Ahead with Colgate Fresh Confidence Mint Overload!

New year, new opportunities, and fresh starts. That's what 2016 is giving us and it's good to know that we can look forward to exciting months ahead armed with a positive outlook and jolly confidence.

here's to fresh starts and a positive outlook for 2016!
Partner that self-assurance with the new Colgate Fresh Confidence Mint Overload! This toothpaste is so refreshing, it releases a rush of intense freshness because it's loaded with cooling crystals and a mind-blowing mint flavor that bursts inside the mouth giving one a taste of its amazing mint overload.

Colgate's minty toothpaste is so cool! (pun intended LOL)
I like how the minty taste is not so overwhelming. The gentle coolness inside the mouth really gives that feeling of freshness for hours!

cooling crystals are visible in the toothpaste gel
It is great there's a toothpaste like this that can keep breath fresh for hours. It's going to be a Happy and Fresh 2016, indeed when you discover a #FreshYouYear with #ColgateFreshConfidence #ColgateMintOverload!

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