Ramon Orlina Showcases New Glass Sculptures in “Clear Impressions” at Museo Orlina

For many of us, glass is simply something we use for drinking, for a clearer vision, and for seeing out of a window or car windshield. In 1975, architect Ramon Orlina innovatively painted on 25 pieces of glass panels and had a sold out exhibition at the Gallery at Hyatt on Roxas Boulevard.

Ramon Orlina in the Reflections Gallery
In 1976, he pioneered the use of glass as an artistic medium of expression in sculpture. A visionary, Orlina saw beyond the humble origin of industrial glass, and went on to hone a unique craft that made his name synonymous with glass sculpture in the Philippines. Since then, he has had extensive exhibitions in the country and in other parts of the world.

the award-winning Silvery Moon
In 1999, Orlina first used optical glass for his entry in the Toyamura Sculpture Biennale in Japan where “Silvery Moon” was declared winner of the Mr. F. Prize. In celebration of his 40th year as an artist, Orlina is unveiling 23 pieces of recent sculptures carved out entirely of clear optical glass as opposed to his signature green glass and the other hues in crystal glass he is known for such as amber, azure, lavender, and pink.

(from left) Radiant Streams, Startling Definitions, Sensuous Curves

According to an article written by Cid Reyes, “It is clear to see that the supreme beauty of these works reside in the crystalline purity of the medium, which allows for no visual hindrances or distraction in the reflection and refraction of light.”

Clear Sensations
Reyes described the artworks as having clarity of shape, which is the impelling motivation for Orlina’s astute study and observation of the ideal configuration that the glass block will yield. “That Orlina’s penetrating gaze is multi-perspectival … allows him to make each cut and contour, each internal passage and external surface, either finished to a smooth glassy surface or ‘frosted’ to a desired effect,” he wrote. 

Compelling Precision
It was quite breathtaking to see the sculptures in person because I couldn’t help but gently trace my fingers on both the smooth and slightly textured surfaces of some of the pieces. Each dazzling piece is once more a testament to Orlina’s scintillating artistry that rightfully earned him numerous international awards over the years.

Geometric Expressions
Luminously billed Clear Impressions, the latest collection also features two sculptures created by Orlina’s daughters, Monina and Anna, in collaboration with their father. All sculptures can be viewed at the Reflections Gallery in Museo Orlina, Tagaytay City from November 30, 2015 until January 16, 2016.

Clear Impressions
For inquiries, contact Museo Orlina at (046) 413.2581 or (0906) 434.0862. Please read my other blog post to see the many other beautiful artworks (and spectacular view!) to be appreciated in this museum.

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