Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Footwear Review: Chuck Taylor All Star Cutaway EVO Canvas Sandals

My hubby and three sons are big fans of Converse sneakers. And because all four of them (except our special child) have the same shoe sizes, they often borrow each others' shoes. Imagine their delight when Converse came out with a new batch of slip-on footwear!

with my my boys
The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Cutaway EVO Canvas Sandals are available in various colors. They are so comfortable to wear, I haven't worn any other slippers in recent weeks. It is really a great pair of sandals for fans of the classic Chuck Taylor shoes because they look really good on one's 

Converse Cutaway up close
Aside from being so easy to slip on and off, the design looks so good, it can be paired with any casual outfit. I love using mine whether I'm wearing shorts, skirts, or pants. Hubby and the boys, as usual, share three pairs among themselves.

chilling out
This flip-flop style sandal has the tonal stitching All Star logo on the tongue with logo detail on the heel. It features a pinstripe on the outsole canvas and upper false laces that gently stretches when you slip on your foot. It also has a rubber, sneaker style outsole.   

you can even use these sandals for biking! 
Check out the various colors and sizes of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Cutaway EVO Canvas Sandals in Converse branches nationwide! 

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