Pioneer Gives Thrill Seekers New Reasons to Live Life Without Worries with the Travel Buddy Adventure Insurance

All of us, I'm sure, know that we need to get out of our routines once in a while and engage in fun activities that will refresh and energize us before we tackle work's daily grind again. 

adventure seekers
However, we're often faced with the dilemma of whether to engage in quite risky adventures or not because we worry about getting hurt and having to spend a lot on the ensuing medical bills. But, hey, it's normal to think that way. Sometimes, it's better to be paranoid than regret doing something later, right? 

adventurous me!
The thing is, though, we should take on as many adventures as we can while we're still young and could still engage in them! People always talk about life being short and yet, often find themselves holding back from going on adventures due to safety reasons. 

wall traverse

Now, get the peace of mind you need so you can build that confidence to engage in fun activities that you may think may compromise your physical wellbeing. With Pioneer's Travel Buddy Adventure Insurance, you can leave the what-ifs behind and pursue that long-awaited dream to do bungee jumping, white water rafting, zip lining, and other heart-pumping activities!

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This new travel insurance product comes with a 30-day coverage while traveling via land, water, or air despite the number of trips you take. A P200 payment already entitles you to a maximum benefit of P100,000. Travel Buddy Adventure covers the expenses that may arise in case accidents happen while doing adventurous activities and hobbies. See the complete list of covered activities here.

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If you're still not convinced that you are adventurous enough, Pioneer Insurance likewise offers Travel Buddy for those who simply want to see more of the world. This one is a personal accident insurance coverage that also comes with a P100,000 cash benefit. It is the first-in-the-market product that lets you travel-all-you-want for 30 days knowing that you're financially prepared in case of any accident. You can learn more about this product, here.

Aside from safety, another concern of frequent travelers is getting hit by Dengue fever, which is considered one of the deadliest seasonal diseases in the Philippines. In fact, the World Health Organization has recorded almost 60,000 Dengue cases in 2014 and 300,000 in 2012. Unfortunately, this epidemic is still very much present in the country as 92,000 cases have already been documented from January to September of this year.

zip line!
FYI, Pioneer offers coverage against this disease with MediCash Dengue Insurance that provides one-year coverage. It is priced at P350 with P10,000 cash assistance upon diagnosis of Dengue for individuals aged one to 70 years old. 

What's great about these three new insurance products is that they are available for purchase online at the Insure Shop. This Insurance Commission approved one-stop shop has products that are tailor-made for your every need such as coverage for yourself, your loved ones, and even your prized possessions.

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Using your credit card, sign up for a Travel Buddy Adventure, Travel Buddy, and MediCash Dengue Insurance online and simply wait for Pioneer to deliver your Proof of Coverage (POC) to your doorstep. 

all set for adventures
Last weekend, my husband and I joined fellow adventurers at Kampo Trexo in Alfonso, Cavite where we had so much fun trying out many of the activities they offer there. We were divided into four teams and had a friendly competition finishing various challenges. 

fireman's pole
I was so happy to be able to finish everything! I rappelled, wall climbed, went over the cargo net obstacle, walked on narrow logs, balanced on a single rope, zip lined, and more! I believe regularly running since last year has greatly helped improve my stamina and strength. Seriously, I think I am more fit now than when I was in my 20's! 

Go Green Warriors!
Moreover, engaging in all those activities we did wasn't that worrisome because we are all covered with the Travel Buddy Adventure insurance. Although our Green Warriors team didn't win, the five of us will remain the cheerleading champions of that #PioneerAdventure Challenge

we survived!
Pioneer has been in the insurance business for over half a century and has helped millions of Filipinos become financially prepared for the unexpected. You can trust them, too, to take care of you. Got an upcoming travel adventure anytime soon? Make sure to visit the Insure Shop at to get the appropriate coverage so you can have the time of your life like we did! :)

* other photos used with permission from Ferds Bondoy and   

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