Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Team Kramer Co-creates Sniff & Cuddle, a New Baby Cologne Brand, with Zen Zest Asia

We, parents, want our children to grow up remembering a great childhood. We want them to explore and go outside like how we used to play as kids. In this digital age, there's a tendency for young ones to stay indoors and just tinker with their electronic gadgets. However, running around outdoors is healthier, even if it means losing that baby smell to being amoy-araw or amoy-pawis.

Team Kramer loving the Scent of Baby Love
Celebrity couple Doug and Chesca Kramer, for instance, are not worried about letting their kids play and get dirty if it means some active playtime. To solve the problem of keeping their babies smelling and feeling fresh under the sun, Team Kramer partnered with Zen Zest Asia, a pioneer fragrance company, to co-create Sniff & Cuddle Baby Cologne with the Scent of Baby Love.


Like Zen Zest's other products, Sniff & Cuddle colognes are made using premium fragrance oils. These new products contain oils from France, the fragrance capital of the world, as well as Aloe & Oat Protein Moisturizers to soothe and soften skin making it irresistible not to sniff and cuddle your little ones.

Chesca says she always applies Sniff & Cuddle Baby Cologne on Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin and brings the products along to easily refresh them throughout the day because she likes sniffling and cuddling them like other parents do. "As my children become more active and play outdoors under the sun, I want them to still smell and feel like babies," she shares. "We thought of teaming up with Zen Zest to create a baby cologne with us. I want my kids and other kids their age to grow up with a memorable, distinctive baby cologne, like our generation did growing up."

Michelle Asence-Fontelera, Founder and President of Zen Zest Asia, Inc., reveals, "When Team Kramer approached [us] for a fragrance partnership, I thought it was a great opportunity to take the Zen Zest fragrance brand to more Filipinos because Team Kramer, after all, is 'Social Media's First Family'." 

try all lovely-smelling variants!
Sniff & Cuddle comes in the top three scents preferred by Filipinos and were created for each of the Kramer kids: "STAR" for #KendraSuperstar has a fresh, floral scent, "DOLL" for #ScarlettDoll has a sweet, fruity scent, and "INCREDIBLE" for #GavIncredible has a clean, powdery scent.

A bottle of Sniff & Cuddle Baby Cologne is priced at only P60.00 and is currently available in Zen Zest outlets in malls, Boardwalk direct-selling dealers, and, soon, supermarkets and personal care stores nationwide.

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