Enjoy 100% Natural Ingredients with Oishi Great Lakes Juices!

As a wife and mom, one of my top concerns is my family's health. To ensure my loved ones' wellness, I strive to provide them with good meals and a balanced diet along with a good amount of fruits and vegetables. However, it's harder to control what my boys eat when they're in school so I really do try to make up for any nutrient deficiencies with better choices at home.

a family of healthy beverages
Here, my husband and I see to it that our refrigerator always has healthy items that our kids can just grab anytime they're thirsty or hungry. I am very happy to have found a partner in Oishi Great Lakes, an all-natural fruit and vegetable drink. 

All-natural means these juices have no added sweetener, flavoring, or coloring, just 100% natural fruit and vegetable extracts mixed together to make yummy blends. Both variants, Tropical Blend Fruit Mix and Fruit and Vegetable Mix are tasty treats that don't make it difficult to convince kids to add more fruits and vegetables into their diet. What's more, the refreshing beverage is so good to drink any time of the day!

one of the best refreshments after a 10k run!
While my family often buys the big cartons that already contain several servings, Oishi Great Lakes also comes in 250ml tetra packs, making them prefect to bring as baon for school. This allows kids to carry around something nutritious and delicious everywhere they go.

Experience #WholesomeRefreshement with your family, too! Look for Oishi Great Lakes in supermarkets. I was so happy to see some in SM Hypermarket in MOA the day before the Milo Marathon because it was the perfect drink I zoomed in on once I got back to our hotel after the run :)

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