The Starbucks Philippines Planner Pays it Forward

Two months before the end of each year and a new one begins, coffee lovers already look forward to the yearly Starbucks promo where one gets the chance to be awarded a sticker with every purchase of a Starbucks handcrafted beverage

Once the required number of stickers are complete, customers can immediately redeem their own limited edition Starbucks Philippines Planner. But, did you know that while you mood brightens with every coffee cup you drink, you are also uplifting the spirits of thousands of teachers and students in public schools? 

You see, for every redeemed Starbucks Planner, Starbucks Philippines gives a donation to its beneficiaries. This year’s recipient is Teach for the Philippines, a non-profit organization that advocates for educational equity. It encourages young leaders to teach in public schools for two years and also builds relationships in support of public schools to help make sure that all Filipino children, no matter who they were born to or where, have access to an excellent and relevant education. 

I've blogged about Teach for the Philippines two years ago, a few months after it was launched in August 2012, and I support its advocacy. This organization partnered with Teach for All, a global network of social enterprises working to expand educational opportunity, which is also connected with prestigious programs like Teach First and Teach for America.

The people behind Starbucks have always believed that they can – and should – have a positive impact on the communities they serve. As Starbucks has grown to more than 200 stores in the Philippines, so too has its commitment to use its scale for good. 

It's good to know that part of the company’s vision is to be innovators, leaders, and contributors to an inclusive society and a healthy environment so that Starbucks and every community it touches can endure and thrive. 

So it's very much appreciated that Starbucks continues to come up with ways where its loyal customers can get involved and contribute in spreading the good cheer. The Starbucks planner promotion is just one of the company’s means to help create a positive impact on society.

By now, you probably have started recording cherished moments in your Starbucks Planner. Isn't it great to know that someone's spirit out there has been ignited through you? :)

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