Saturday, December 22, 2012

Teach for the Philippines: A Worthwhile Advocacy

Like many moms and dads I know, I think I have lamented enough through the years about the poor educational system most schools in the Philippines have. I can't keep track anymore of countless stories I’ve swapped with fellow moms who were as frustrated as I am about teachers and principals who have demonstrated time and again that they just don’t care if their students learn or not; or the school owners whose goals in life are seemingly just to milk money from parents’ already depleted pockets.

My mom, a retired and very competent public high school teacher, had her share of frustrations such as having students who got to enter high school without learning to read! This may be hard to believe but it’s true. It’s so sad to learn about kids graduating elementary without the basics of learning.

Did you know? There are 5.6 million children between the ages of six to 15 who are public school dropouts! Apart from poverty, a big problem causing this is the shortage of qualified and caring teachers. 

Thus, I’m glad to read about a movement called Teach for the Philippines that advocates Education for All at the website created by Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation. Their solution is to recruit and train young leaders who will, in turn, provide ALL Filipino children a chance for an inclusive, relevant, and excellent education.

The recruits, called Fellows, are expected to commit to teach for two years in high-need public schools. If they wish to pursue something else, they’re free to do whatever they want although the organization hopes that when the Fellows do come out of the program, they will continue to be advocates of education wherever they go.

Now that’s a worthwhile program that I believe could work! I hope the proponents continue with this mission and that they continuously find recruits with a heart for teaching. Someday, I’m sure we’ll get to be where we aspire to be which is to provide every Filipino child the basic right to a good education so they can better pursue their dreams and create a bright future for themselves and their families.

Learn more about Teach for the Philippines by reading the full article here. Please also follow and more news and updates about Philippine education.

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