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Discovering Global Art Philippines and Its Many Benefits to Young Minds

I haven't considered myself good in art. Although I dabbled in the past with watercolor on paper, my attempts were never as nice as I wanted them to be. I guess I simply grew up thinking that being a talented artist is something innate in certain people; that individuals who have been gifted with that kind of talent are simply the "chosen ones".

I love that lighthouse painting!!!
I was actually glad to be proven wrong when I learned about Global Art Philippines. The other day, I visited their branch in Alabang Town Center and was totally impressed at the artworks of their students. Their ages? Three years old up to 56! 

According to Teacher Summer, the branch's principal, anybody with the heart to do art could learn many techniques to make good artworks, no matter how young or old you are. That was heartening to know! 
Teacher Yenny and Teacher Summer
Global Art also debunks what Filipinos generally know about extra-curricular activities. Art lessons are not, and should not be, only a thing for summer breaks. Country Manager Yenny Saw says they believe in raising well-rounded children who should not only be made to concentrate efforts on academics, but also in other areas such as art, music, and sports. She also explains that constant exposure to art at a very young age will bring a world of benefits to young minds. 

Thus, Global Art offers world-class enrichment programs for different age categories throughout the year. Each term encompasses three months where students have to use up 24 hours of lessons by spreading them into, ideally, two hours per session twice a week. This allows for schedule flexibility especially for young kids whose parents can only bring them after work or during weekends. 

What fascinated me so much about this unique art school is that they encourage very young students' imaginations despite having templates to work on. Look at the different artworks above done on the same template (the owl and the basket). See how the students personalized theirs? 

"We provide our students with templates but we inspire them to do their own version and their own take on any pattern or blank sheets," explains Saw who founded Global Art Philippines in 2009 with her husband Dexter. From a small place in Greenhills, they have since opened 11 more branches located in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

Teacher Kaye
It's moreover heartening to know how much premium they put on the quality of teachers they hire and the teaching methods they practice. "Our teachers undergo training both on art techniques and on how to effectively transfer knowledge to an aspiring young artist," describes Saw.

Global Art aims to provide students an opportunity to develop their appreciation for art because this gives them the gifts of exploration, self-expression, logical thinking, self-esteem, imagination, and creativity. Studies show that exposure to art (including paintings, music, and dance) at an early age develops brain activity, boosts knowledge, and builds up a child's confidence level as well as communication skills.

Since education and competition are two of the universal ingredients of human nature, those who have learned to express themselves through art and link their work with those of other artists can help gauge how truly well they have advanced in their knowledge and how far they have come to enhance their gifts and talents. 

To further guide students on their way to becoming a little Picasso, Da Vinci or Michaelangelo, Global Art encourages them to join art competitions. This coming November 15, the Philippine franchise will host the Annual Global Art International Competition at the SM Aura Convention Hall.

With "Heal the World" as its theme, the competition gathers together 300 art students from Global Art Philippines and 200 students from other Global Art campuses in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar, China, India, and Hong Kong. 

Each center is not only designed to be very conducive to learning, it also draws visitors' creative juices out! I swear, touring the place and hearing stories about the students made me want to learn how to paint properly and come up with a fantastic masterpiece one of these days. The really good news is, Global Art Center offers a free trial lesson and assessment to see how much you, or your child, already know and don't know about making good artworks. I am scheduling mine, soon!

"A lot of life-changing innovations come from the minds of young people who dream and think creatively," states Saw. "Global Art Philippines hopes to provide a place for children who dare to dream and create something, to teach them other life skills, to cultivate their creativity and equip them to be competitive globally in the future, towards a better world that fully embraces creativity and innovation."

Get more information or inquire about Global Art by visiting their main office at Unit 101, Sekai Center, 368 Ortigas Ave. corner Madison St. Greenhills, San Juan, or calling 726.0435. Log on to or visit

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