National Geographic Channel Celebrates the '90s with New Documentary Series

The 1990s was memorable for me for many reasons. It is the decade where I graduated from college, found my first job, got married, and had all my four kids. In between working for a living and raising a family, my husband and I got to appreciate a lot of things that this decade brought.

National Geographic Channel (NGC) pays tribute to the 90s by coming up with a new series that will remind viewers of a golden decade of technological, political, and entertainment milestones. My most memorable ones, I guess, would have to be watching Friends and Ally McBeal

Last week, NatGeo heralded the premier of The '90s: The Decade That Connected Us with a fun party at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura. Guests got to enjoy music from the era while the first episode of the TV series was also being aired. Cosplayers dressed in 'popular 90s characters made the photo ops more engaging.

The '90s series features the biggest newsmakers that shocked, wowed, or changed the world and helped make it what it is today. Some of the things you'll expect to see include the popularity of grunge music, the advent of Viagra, a salacious White House scandal, innovations in personal computers, and various episodes of political upheavals around the globe.

This TV show basically looks back on various developments in history to show how the world reacted to the fledging reality of globalization, as we slowly learned how connected human beings were becoming despite geographical and cultural differences.

Memorable video footage were used to recall the spirit of the decade along with 120 interviews with unsung heroes behind riveting events in addition to well-known personalities in various fields. Hear what Courtney Love, Arsenio Hall, Vanilla Ice, Jerry Springer, Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Connie Chung, and Dan Rather had to say. These are celebrities whose voices will narrate the remarkable affairs that weave the story of this extraordinary decade.

This decade between the Cold War and the War on Terror saw numerous highs and lows as technology advanced the world into the digital age: Bill Clinton's promise of change as he became US president, the violent LA riots, Nelson Mandela's release from prison and rise as leader of South Africa, and the horrific civil war in Rwanda.

Remember, too, cultural benchmarks such as the TV show Friends and the Macarena dance, along with the first successful reality shows of The Real World and Jerry Springer, which paved the way for reality TV in succeeding years.

The '90s: The Decade That Connected Us serves as a guide as viewers navigate through this historical and nostalgic roller coaster ride so we may better grasp politics and the global culture in their current states, as well as understand ourselves.

Catch the series exclusively on National Geographic Channel every Thursday at 9PM beginning September 18, 2014.

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