Discover Convenience in YUKA Nail Polish Remover Wipes + Blog Giveaway (Winners Announced)

There are ladies who love having their nails done regularly. I can relate to that and love having colors on my nails every so often. But once the nail polish starts peeling or getting chipped, I try to remove them immediately because I feel it's quite unclassy to go around having cracked polish on my nails.

What I don't get though is that a lot of women still allow themselves to be seen with nail polish that should have already been removed days ago! Admit it, you see ladies with chipped nail polish on their hands or peeking out of their flip-flops / open-toed sandals and get turned off. Right?

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Still, I can imagine why some would rather let old nail polish stay than go through the tedious task of removing it. After all, you need several cotton balls and repeated drops of acetone on them to totally clean your nails. That doesn't include yet the acetone spills that sometimes happen and which leave unsightly white marks on wood floors or coffee tables. Yeah, those happened to me, too! 

So imagine my delight when I discovered Yuka Nail Polish Remover Wipes. Each container has 35 round sheets that are already soaked in a nail polish remover solution. It is acetone-free, non-toxic, and made of ingredients that won't dry your skin. It doesn't need any cotton so there's no mess and no spills. I am sure moms, with little girls who also like having their nails done, would love this product!

Yuka is easy to use, very handy, is trendy, and fashionable. It comes in grapes, orange, and strawberry scents and are sold at only P65.00 per 25g container. It is available in the Philippines through C'SCOR Global Intertrade Corp., also the distributor of Tiny Buds baby products. You can check out their online store here.
Like before, because I appreciate this blog's readers very much, here's another giveaway. I'll be raffling off 2 Gift Packs that includes 3 Yuka Containers and 1 nail polish each for my Twitter and Instagram followers. Please join via the Rafflecopter widget above and don't forget to post the REQUIRED photo on Instagram. Kindly take note that I can only send prizes to Metro Manila addresses. This giveaway ends 12MN of August 25. 

Edit - August 25: Congratulations to YM Yen Morales and Ma Clarice Lao-Itumay for winning a Yuka gift pack each! Please check your emails and send me your Metro Manila mailing address. I would appreciate it if you can post a photo of your prizes when you get them and tag WBL on Facebook or @ruthfloresca on Twitter/Instagram.

Thank you to all who joined. Next giveaway is now up, here. Good luck! :)

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