Thursday, August 07, 2014

Coca Restaurant Celebrates First Year Anniversary by Partnering with Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y)

It's always heartwarming to know companies that give back to the community as a way of sharing their blessings. Last year, I wrote about Mango Tree Bistro's first year anniversary and how they treated several children from Project: Brave Kids to a birthday lunch with their families. Read all about it here.

This 2014, it is Mango Tree Bistro's sister establishment to turn one. Coca Restaurant celebrates its first year of good business by partnering with Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y). I joined other members of the media at the 5th floor of SM Aura Premier for a lovely dinner to commemorate the occasion. 

Coca Restaurant is well-known for its "Suki" steamboat dining. This is a Thai variant of hot pot (we had the Emperor's Platter with Ojiya) where diners can cook vegetables, meat, seafood, and glass noodles in a steaming hot broth. The pot placed on our table has a divider for spicy and non-spicy soup. 

Emperor's Platter (P2700++)
This is a great idea especially if customers have companions who can't tolerate extra hot food. This dish is very flavorful and goes well with the COCA Yang Chow Fried Rice

Suki Steamboat Dining with Yang Chow Fried Rice (P200 - small, P300 - large)
What I found fascinating about it is that hot pot part is done, you can still use the leftover broth to cook a kind of arrozcaldo called Ojiya in! That was really delicious as well.

There are other dishes that are a must-try at Coca. The durian lover in me enjoyed every bite of the very unique Seafood Durian Spring Rolls. The Roast Duck Salad is pretty good on the taste buds too! 

Seafood Durian Spring Rolls (P420)
If you want differently-prepared poultry and seafood dishes instead, go for the COCA Chicken in a Paper Bag and the Live Steamed Garoupa with Lime Sauce. Both are likewise exciting to the palate! 

Roast Duck Salad (P380)
For dessert, have a taste of Galorgee (P250 - small, P450 - large) the restaurant's signature dessert composed of crispy but chewy morsels that feels like fried sticky rice drizzled with sugar and nuts.

Coca Chicken in a Paper Bag (P450)
Coca Restaurant has Thai roots that evolved and became more diverse as the owners created a fusion between Thai and Chinese cuisine. The Philippine branch is the latest addition to the various stores located in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, and Korea.  

Live Steamed Garoupa with Lime Sauce (P1200)
In line with its first year anniversary, Karen Tanchanco-Caballero, Coca Restaurant's general manager, revealed that business has been really good the past 12 months, "I think it's the right time to give back to the community. This partnership with LP4Y, which gives the excluded youths a chance to build their careers and become more productive members of society, is a perfect way of giving back.”

Galorgee (P250 - small, P450 - large)
French nationals and LP4Y volunteers Ludovic Ducuing and Aurelie Garancher, shared that their organization's main advocacy is to help the excluded young adults of the country to be self-sustaining and more productive members of the society through the pursuit of a worthwhile career. 

LP4Y's advocacy
LP4Y, which was originally founded in the Philippines on September 2009, further aims to facilitate social and professional insertion of young adults who are living in extreme poverty, anywhere in the world. It now has centers located in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Ludo with John and Alvin
Ludo and Aurelie affirmed that there are a lot of youths out there who have a lot of great potential but have no means of developing it without outside help. Considering this, LP4Y will be sending a group of youths for a month-long training in Coca Restaurant to help them develop their skills and earn work experiences. Among them are John Gabayeron and Alvin David Silvana who were also present during the presentation.

Aurelie expressed how happy and excited they are with the partnership. "We see this as a chance to help more youths gain experience and discover possible hidden potentials. Together with Coca Restaurant, we hope to help them build their career as much as we can.”

Now that is a win-win alliance! :) Happy Anniversary and good job Coca Restaurant and LP4Y!

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