Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mango Tree BGC Celebrates 1st Year Anniversary by Paying It Forward Through Project: Brave Kids

I would bet that you, who are reading this, know at least one person who has cancer. I have friends and relatives who have cancer. Some are still battling the disease, some are thankfully in remission, while a few have lost the battle. 

The tragic thing is, cancer chooses anyone, even small, innocent kids. And once diagnosed with the dreaded condition, children are transported to a totally different world that even adults are afraid of. It is a world where one struggles for life on a daily basis, and where every small sign of triumph is already considered a miracle.

In 2005, a boy named Seve Augusto Sabarre Perez was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia one month after he turned three years old. The little boy had to undergo chemotherapy, one of most difficult medical treatments and his life revolved more around doctors than teachers, hospital and laboratories more than parks and playgrounds, and hospital beds instead of his own.

Seve's parents, Paul and Ingrid, established Project: Brave Kids to help other children who also suffer from childhood cancer in the Philippines. Like Seve, these kids and their families are battling the costly disease every day which can stretch to years.

Highlight Dishes:
Pad Thai Jay (Thai stir-fried noodles w/ mixed vegetables & tofu) - P350
Yum Mamuang (Green mango salad w/ peanuts & grated coconut) - P280

This March, as Mango Tree in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) marks its successful first year anniversary, it is paying the blessings forward by giving back to this worthwhile cause. From March 23 to April 30, Mango Tree BHS and Mango Tree Bistro in TriNoma and Greenbelt 5 are selecting some of their best-selling food items to highlight and present to their loyal customers. Part of the proceeds of the sales of the food highlight will go directly to Project Brave Kids in support of their projects lined up this 2013.

Highlight Dishes:
Gai Phed Ma-maung (Stir-fried chicken w/ cashew nuts, capsicum & onion) - P400
Talay Ruam Mit (Hot seafood platter of grilled prawns, grilled squid,
grilled crab, and a trio of sauces) _ P1,700

Last week, I had lunch at Mango Tree BGC and was touched to see some of Project: Brave Kids beneficiaries there with their guardians. The children are March, April and May birthday celebrators whom Mango Tree treated with a small but very meaningful party.

In case you're not yet familiar with Mango Tree, it's an establishment that serves some of the best Thai cuisine this side of the planet. It ranks as a world-class restaurant and has popular outlets in Bangkok, Dubai, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Doha. 

Clockwise from left:
Tom Yum Talay (Spicy hot & sour mixed seafood soup w/ lemongrass,
kaffir lime, galangal, mushrooms, & red chilies) - P450
Khao Ob Supparod (pineapple fried rice w/ chicken) - P380
Pra Kapong Neung Ma Now (Steamed sea bass w/ fresh garlic.
chili, and lime sauce) - P850
Orange & Carrot Juice, and Thai Milk Tea

Managed by Mother Spice Food Corporation, Mango Tree is known for its dedicated Thai traditions and hospitality that welcomes guests with the freshest ingredients and incredible flavors. I now have several favorite dishes on their menu which tasted really great! Please refer to the captions under the photos for the names and descriptions of the delicious dishes.

Tub Tim Grob (Red ruby chestnut w/ coconut ice cream) - P250
Tako Khao Pod (Coconut custard w/ sweet corn) - P220

So do visit any of Mango Tree's branches and make sure to order one or more of these Highlight Dishes so you can also contribute to Project: Brave Kids. 

Mango Tree: Talay Ruam Mit, Phad Thai Jay, Gai Phed Med Ma-Maung, and Yum Mamuang (please see photos above)

Mango Tree Bistro: Spaghetti Salmon (stir-friend spaghetti with salmon and sweet basil) - P380

For inquiries on donations and how to be a volunteer, please visit

Mango Tree BGC is located at 7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street Central with tel. no. (632) 2172367, mobile (63917) 5349145, email, or log on to 

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