Revisiting Woo Galbi and Discovering More Delicious Korean Dishes + Eat-All-You-Can Ramyeon

If there's a Korean restaurant to credit for opening my palate to a new world of tasteful wonders, it would have to be Woo Galbi. Like I said in my first blog post about Korean cuisine last year, I've always assumed before that Korean food is mostly about kimchi and other spicy dishes. Now, more than a year later, I have learned to journey deeper into the flavorful wonders that await food trippers when it comes to Korean cuisine. 

Recently, I happily revisited Woo Galbi at lunchtime and tried some of their latest dishes. Although the restaurant looks very modern with its posh ambiance, it retains the traditional authenticity in its flavors. Their all-time favorite classic Korean dishes consist of Bibimbap, Bulgogi short ribs, All Beef Platter, and Kimchi.

But even before diners are served with the main dishes, we get to taste banchan -- six mini Korean appetizers -- on the house! These freebies will whet your appetite even more for what's to come.

I am now a certified fan of Ssam Wraps and have been craving for some since I've had them earlier this month in Kogi Bulgogi, Woo Galbi's sister restaurant. So I was really glad to find that Woo Galbi also serves them! The blend of sauces and other condiments really complement the taste of the meat and the leafy green wrap. 

Dweiji Gui (P295) has grilled thin slices of pork but ssam choices include chicken, pork belly, squid, mackerel, salmon, and vegetables (eggplants, mushrooms, tomatoes, and sweet peppers). Prices range from P265 to P335.

And since we're having a lot of rains these days, it's so good to sip hot soup with chunky ingredients. If you're into spicy foods, order the Dwenjang Jjigae (P230), a Korean miso paste stew with seafood and tofu. 

I love Galbi Tang (P420) better. This has tender and easy to chew short ribs in clear soup, kinda like the Pinoy favorite Nilagang Bulalo. Really tasty!

For hard-core meat lovers, go for the All Beef Platter (P1350) with bone-in and boneless short ribs as well as hanging tenders. These are great to eat with the accompanying vegetables and several spoonfuls of rice. Since it also comes with green leaves, use the meat here and wrap them too. I did, and they tasted so good!

My friends and I also enjoyed two sets of rolls, the names of which I forgot to take note of! Sorry, the pleasure of popping a roll inside one's mouth can cause temporary amnesia :) Despite forgetting what they're called, I can confidently say that both are really delicious. Let me edit this part in the next coming days. I'll double check the next time I eat at Woo Galbi and I hope that would be soon!

By the way, we all know that the cooler season is also making a lot of Filipinos crave for ramen. If you're in near Shangri-la mall from 2 to 5PM any day from Monday to Saturday, make sure to drop by Woo Galbi and pay only P250 for unlimited bowls of hot and delicious Ramyeon. The price even comes with free iced tea! But if you can't eat that much, Ramyeon is also available ala carte at P138 per bowl. 

Do drop by this highly recommended restaurant that serves delicious dishes fit for the Filipino palate. Woo Galbi is located at Level 6, East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza. For inquiries, please contact them at or (632) 655-0558. Be updated with promos and events by liking Woo Galbi on Facebook and following @WooGalbi on Twitter and Instagram

Happy food tripping! 

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