Food Review: Kogi Bulgogi's Ssam Wraps

In the Philippines, we are used to eating wrapped foods like lumpia, siomai, etc. But we often eat them after they've been prepared and cooked by someone else. At Kogi Bulgogi, you get to wrap savory ingredients according to your preference!

Ssam, which literally means "wrapped", is a dish in Korean cuisine where diners use leafy vegetables to wrap a piece of meat such as pork or other filling. This is often accompanied by a condiment known as ssamjang or gochujang and can also be topped with raw or cooked garlic, onion, green pepper, or a banchan (small side dish) like kimchi.

Dak Gui Ssam - P385
According to legend, people wrapped rice in leaves of cabbage or dried seaweeds on full moon days. Rice was not readily available then so it was regarded as a precious commodity by commoners. For them, eating clumps of rice wrapped in fresh greens means "eating wrapped luck". Thus, it has become a culinary custom to eat ssam as a kind of ritual appeal for good fortune. Today, in terms of nutritional value, having a ssam meal can also be considered as an act of "eating luck".

Suygogi Gui Ssam - P420
The other day, I got to fully appreciate Ssam Wraps at Kogi Bulgogi in Gateway, Cubao. I was delighted that the taste of the condiments and side dishes accompanying the meats blend so well! Simply place a piece of meat in the middle of a lettuce leaf (rich in dietary fiber and has Vitamin A and C plus Riboflavin), add some shredded pickled radish, kimchi, rice, and sauces, then wrap into a small package that will fit in your mouth and eat. Divine!

There are four types of Kogi Ssam Wraps:
1. Dak Gui, which means grilled (gui) chicken (dak) is soooo good! The meat is so tender and the smoky flavor perfectly satisfied my grilled food craving.
2. Suygogi Gui is grilled beef that will also have to you wanting to eat more.
3. Bo Ssam has deep-fried pork that was previously boiled in spices and thinly sliced. If you are a fan of lechon kawali, you will definitely love this one. I like the crunchiness of the meat!
4. Black Angus is Korean steak that is available only at Kogi's Promenade branch.

Bo Ssam - P365
All servings are good for sharing so I highly suggest you order two or more variants so you can try them all. I am actually craving for Ssam Wraps as I write this because it's hard to forget the flavorful goodness in every mouthful! 

Oh, and for dessert, give the Korean ice cream sandiwches a try. I got the fish-shaped one and it was a really great finale to end a satisfying meal! Explore the flavors of Korea and dine at any of these Kogi Bulgogi branches: Eastwood City Mall, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Promenade, Greenhills, and Gateway Mall

Make sure to open the pack from the correct end
so you don't have to switch the fish for picture-taking! :p 
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