Friday, April 11, 2014

Unilever and Shell Pledge to Improve Toilet Sanitation for Holy Week Travelers

There are several holidays in the Philippines that warrant an exodus of thousands of people leaving Manila for the provinces to spend time with their extended families. Every summer, the annual tradition of going home in observance of Holy Week begins a few days before or after Palm Sunday.

Gelli Victor hosting the Holy Week program launch
In preparation for this, Unilever Philippines, through its toilet cleaner brand Domex, has partnered with Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation to make sure motorists and commuters heading north and south of Luzon will have access to clean, hygienic toilets when they need to answer the call of nature.

Mr. Jay Go, Unilever Philippines Marketing Director for Home Care, and Mr. Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Vice President for Retail, jumpstarted the clean-up yesterday, April 10, at the Shell station in South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) Muntinlupa. Similarly, Shell stations along North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) will also have Domex cleanups.

Yam assured motorists that, "This coming Holy Week, when you gas up at Shell and take a break, you can expect smarter products and quality service at our stations."

"Everyone deserves a good toilet break during the long Holy Week journeys," acknowledged Go. "With our cleanup drive, we at Unilever and our friends at Shell would like to assure the public of sanitized comfort rooms as they rest and recharge for their trip."

Traveling during peak seasons, after all, comes with higher risks of acquiring diseases, some possible sources of which are poorly sanitized public restrooms that travelers may have no choice but to use along the way. Thus, gas stations along major roads become the necessary stopover points for commuters and private motorists alike, which results in the crowded and busy use of comfort rooms and other facilities.

This cleanup drive, however, is just part of a bigger program called 1 Million Clean Toilets. This is an advocacy of Unilever through Domex to empower and inspire Filipinos to properly clean their own toilets using the right product so that they reduce incidences of diseases that are related to lack of proper toilet sanitation. This program is set to culminate in November in time for the World Toilet Day celebrations.

With this, Unilever Philippines is providing six months worth of Domex products for proper toilet sanitation of selected Shell gas stations. And in support of the 1 Million Clean Toilets advocacy, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation submits their corporate pledge for clean toilets and to continue executing property toilet sanitation throughout the year.

You, too, can be part of the 1 Million Clean Toilets campaign by pledging for clean toilets! Simply visit Domex's Facebook fan page, like it, then click the "Pledge Here" button below the cover photo. For every pledge received, Unilever Philippines donates P5.00 to UNICEF's Sanitation program which helps thousands of people get improved access to basic sanitation.

Please do take a minute to do this simple task. You don't need to give your own money. You just have to make a click to be counted. For more information and to make a pledge, please visit

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