Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paraguayan Guitarist Extraordinaire Berta Rojas to Perform in Manila and Cebu on May 15 and 17, 2014

Berta Rojas, who is renowned for her impeccable technique and innate musical mastery, is one of the most outstanding female classical guitarists today. In fact, the Washington Post has praised her as "guitarist extraordinaire" while the Classical Guitar Magazine described her as an "ambassador of the classical guitar."

As Paraguay's Ambassador of Tourism, Berta considers it an honor to use her music and to be a spokesperson for her country. In an interview with Danilo Navas of Latin Jazz Network and World Music Report, she affirmed, "With music, in interviews or in conferences and conversations with people, I feel like I am always able to tell others about my beautiful country, and the histories and liveliness it has to share. Paraguay is a well-kept secret of South America; and its music is a passport to international recognition."

Likewise, she has been touring the countryside of Paraguay for the past four years and has played for more than 26,000 kids to "speak to them about having a goal in life, and working very hard to try to achieve that dream  but not based on who you know that is connected to the government or who can do you a favor, but basically just developing your talent, nurturing, and discipline to try to be the best professional that you can."

Tambito Josefino composed, arranged, and conducted by Edin Solis
featuring Berta Rojas and the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra
"If you paint your village, you paint the whole world."

"I truly believe that what we try to do with these kids in a way has become an inspiration for them because it has also become an inspiration for us. Music can become an instrument of change," she shared via Skype the other day during a press conference held at the Richmonde Hotel in Ortigas.

This coming May 15 and 17, Berta Rojas will hold concerts in Manila and Cebu, respectively. She will play a mainly classical repertoire with a taste of jazz and salsa. Although she had studied piano for nine years at the same time she studied guitar, she chose to focus on guitar because "I really identify with it. The built of the instrument, its sound, the connection I feel when I hold it in my hands, and what I feel I can communicate with it through music -- those were the deciding factors when it came time to say: This is the instrument I want to play."

Asked how classical music could be better appreciated, Berta wisely replied, "Nobody can love what they don't know so we really need to listen a little more of classical music in order to be familiar with it and to like it. But I also believe that when you blend the popular music into classical, and you do a sort of crossover, you also help audiences to not be afraid of classical music. We're trying to do that in some of the pieces I would play and we'll try to make it more fun for the audiences by mixing them with Latin American Rhythm."

This must-watch concert will have Ramoncito Carpio, the Philippines' most internationally awarded classical guitarist and Triple Fret, a trio composed of Marga Abejo, Jenny de Vera, and Iqui Vinculado. They play classical and more accessible pieces.

Berta Rojas Live in Manila and Cebu is jointly organized by the Independent Philippine Art Ventures, Inc., and the Arts Council of Cebu Foundation.

For ticket inquiries, please call Ticketworld at 891.9999

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