Thursday, February 06, 2014

Oishi Smart C+ and Slater Young Encourage People to #ThinkAboutYourDrink

I had a health scare last month which mobilized me to have myself undergo a couple of expensive test procedures. Thankfully, the results ruled out a medical condition that could be hereditary and which my dad's sister was recently diagnosed of. 

Once more, I was reminded how important being healthy is and that we really should pay attention to what we do to our bodies. The incident strengthened my resolved to further level up in terms of healthier eating and drinking.

It's good to know that nowadays, more and more people, especially the newer generations, are also more conscious about making smarter and healthier choices to break the "young and reckless" stereotype that seem to be the new normal in today's fast-paced lives.

Take Slater Young, for example, who may look unstoppable and energetic all the time. In the midst of his numerous engagements, the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited grand winner has chosen to boost his body's immune system with one refreshing and convenient drink -- Oishi Smart C+.

As Slater says, "Why just drink to refresh when you can also drink to get your daily dose of Vitamin C? With Smart C+, you get both and I think that's really smart." I agree! In my family, all of us love drinking Smart C+ because it can already provide the necessary daily dose of resistance-building Vitamin C.

Smart C+ comes in three thirst-quenching flavors: Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, and Pomelo Grapefruit. Each bottle of these great-tasting beverages provides 500mg of Vitamin C that will enable drinkers to keep up with daily tasks while also pursuing their passions. You can read more about Smart C+ in my 2012 blog post when Slater started endorsing it.

Make the smart move too and #ThinkAboutYourDrink so you can also cope with the daily demands of your dynamic life. Smart C+ will help you steer clear of illnesses and become unstoppable and ready for anything whenever, wherever. 

Oishi Smart C+ is available at leading supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores. For more information, please visit

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