Slater Young Says Be Ready Whenever, Wherever with Oishi's Smart C+

The kind of weather we have these days, where it will rain for an hour or two then become really, really hot and humid, is when people usually catch coughs or colds. I've always believed that it's better to keep our immune system strong even if we feel fine because we don't know when sickness can strike.

Thus, during the rainy or cold seasons, I try as much as possible to remember to take Vitamin C supplements to ward off illnesses. Unpredictable weather makes it inevitable for a lot of people to get sick especially those who are always on the go and who juggle different tasks every day (like me!). Unfortunately, there are days I forget to drink vitamins due to my busy schedule.

Good thing there's Smart C+! I received several bottles of this refreshing drink (in a wonderfully designed box -- Oishi really has a flair for great gift packaging!) recently and found how enjoyable it is to boost my immune system just by drinking one bottle a day! Imagine having a refreshing drink that contains the Vitamin C of either 11 lemons, 8 oranges, or 4 grapefruits! That's how much Vitamin C is packed in each 500ml bottle of Smart C+. Although the mentioned fruits are delicious, it would be hard to finish the required number of items in one day, every day!

Smart C+ is Oishi's first venture in the ready-to-drink category. Oishi, as we know, is the well-known manufacturer of innovative and trendsetting snacks like Baked Porky Pops, Pillows, Marty's, and many others. With Smart C+, getting the daily dose of Vitamin C has just become conveniently refreshing!

Did you know? Besides boosting our immune system, Vitamin C enables our bodies to produce collagen, a protein essential to every cell of the body. This vital nutrient connects the tissues and supports the skin, bones, and muscles, thus providing your body the stregth and resilience it needs to fight the daily wear and tear brought about by an active lifestyle.

With Smart C+, healthy living becomes even more promising as it contains no added preservatives, zero artificial coloring and zero artificial sweeteners. You get nothing but natural fruit juice and the goodness of Vitamin C!

Smart C+ comes in 3 thirst-quenching flavors -- Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, and Pomelo Grapefruit -- which gives consumers more ways to enjoy the drink while keeping up with their daily tasks. Each 500ml bottle has 500mg of Vitamin C.

Everyone in my family has come to love Smart C+. It tastes great especially when cold. My problem now is, every time I open our ref to get one of the bottles I chilled hours before, I'd find out that hubby or one of our sons has already drunk it! I guess we'd be buying more from the grocery when our stocks run out :)

By the way, Smart C+'s endorser is Slater Young who's known for being the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited and for being "The Hotshot Engineer of Cebu." He started his career in showbiz by engaging in several projects where he could enhance his talent, be a good example to the youth, and make a name for himself in the industry.

Slater's "no stopping me" character makes him the perfect endorser for Smart C+ because he grabs every opportunity that comes his way. He knows that he is always ready to take any role, off- and on-cam whenever, wherever with the help of the immune system-boosting benefits of Smart C+.

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