When in Bangkok Thailand, Don't Fail to Visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market!

One particular place that every tourist must not miss when visiting Bangkok, Thailand is Chatuchak Weekend Market. It is THE place for bargain shopping.

airport link train
It is very easy to get there via Bangkok's easy to navigate train system. Just ride the BTS (Sky Train) or MRT (Subway Train) and get off at Mo Chit station. Make sure to get a copy of the free map of the train systems that are available in most stations, save a picture file on your mobile device, or print out a copy from the internet before you leave for Thailand.

I went to Chatuchak on a Saturday by myself. I took the airport link train from the Ramkhamhaeng station, which is just across Nasa Vegas, my hotel, got off at Makkasan (fare: THB 15) and walked to the MRT's Pratcha Buri station. I rode that one going to Mo Chit (fare: THB 31).

Walking towards the main market is easy because I just followed the flow of the people in front of me. Just turn right after getting off the MRT stairs, go straight, and you'll eventually see the entrance to Chatuchak on your right.

pretty clay magnets I wasn't able to go back for :(
From there, just start exploring anywhere. You will find bargains at every turn. I very much regret not being able to have more time there, though. I arrived around 3PM and didn't get to buy as many souvenirs as I wanted because the stalls close at 6PM.

street artist
Someday, I would like go back there because I saw a lot of things I should have bought the first time I passed their areas. As it was, due to the huge land space, I found it hard to find certain stalls again afterwards.

Some tips:

1.  Wear comfortable shoes and light clothing. It can get really hot. Bring a bottle of water with you although there are food stalls also where you can buy snacks and drinks. I ate a papaya salad to replenish my energy.

soaps shaped like fruits
2. Always try to get the lowest price possible. Learn to haggle with the shop owners. I happily was able to get some good discounts.

3. Exchange rate here is higher. Don't swap all your spending money while at the airport. I learned that too late.

4. Bring a big foldable bag that you can put your all purchases in to avoid holding lots of small plastic bags. My mistake.

beautiful fake flowers attached to hair clips
5. Take pictures. The place is so colorful, you'll have a great time taking lots of nice shots.

6. Go there early to be able to shop more. Operating hours: 6PM-12MN on Fridays, 9AM-6PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

7. Enjoy the whole experience! I did! :)

* See more photos taken at Chatuchak and other places in Bangkok here

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