Monday, June 03, 2013

Kuya Kim Atienza is Now Robinsons Supermarket's "I Love Wellness" Ambassador

Two years ago, former politician turned TV personality Kuya Kim Atienza suffered a stroke that affected the part of his brain which stores memory and knowledge. "That was a really difficult time for me considering my work involves a lot of talking and sharing information," he reveals.

Thankfully, he was given prompt medical attention and his determination to rise above the health scare became an inspiration for many. The road to recovery was tough but Kuya Kim was tougher. Upon his doctor's advice, he began walking for 30 minutes every day which eventually turned into a walk-run exercise. Soon after, he joined his first 3k run. 

Now, his regimen involves a swim-bike-run routine in addition to a strict diet based on foods with low glycemic index as diabetes is also in his genes. His food choices include black coffee, whole wheat breads, barley juice, sweet potatoes, muesli, pasta, bagel, fruits, corn, peanut butter sandwich, brown rice, fish, lean meat, and green leafy vegetables.

Kuya Kim shared that there is no room for processed food in his diet nor items that are rich in cholesterol and transfat. According to him, the best foods are the simplest and affordable ones like kamote tops, malunggay, and fresh fruits.

After his miraculous recovery, Kuya Kim refuses to slow down and religiously bikes, swims, and runs. In fact, he is ready to face his first Iron Man challenge later this year!

With a conscious decision to stay well and healthy, Kuya Kim recognizes that the lifestyle he chose starts with what he eats. He says his family shops for those at Robinsons Supermarket where there is a wide range of choices for people who are keen on living the healthy life. "Robinsons Supermarket has it all figured out and products are displayed in a way that is customer-friendly. And I am so glad that [it] has organic eggs."

A few days ago, Kuya Kim was presented to members of the media as Robinsons Supermarket's Wellness Ambassador for its I Love Wellness campaign. This is a title he earned not only for his unrelenting will to live right but, more importantly, for being an influential source in promoting health and wellness by way of example.

For its part, Robinsons Supermarket promotes and carries an array of healthy brands to get people into the wellness lane. It goes a step further by putting up the Health and Wellness section where shoppers can easily find products with health benefits. There, items are properly identified under Bone Builder, Kids Nutrition, Weight Management, Choices for a Healthy Heart, and Guilt-free to help customers make informed choices.

In addition, there is an extensive assortment of fresh produce, lean meat, and products that are low in sugar, zero-transfat, and cholesterol free. This is on top of the store's regular promos and discounts. Look for the Shop Smart colored tags: green (healthy), yellow (private label), orange (items on sale), and white (regular). The Green Apple tags mark products that have been evaluated and certified to have nutritional benefits by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI).

Jody Gadia, General Manager of Robinsons Supermarket acknowledges the customers' need for alternative healthy choices and shopping convenience. "Thus, we want to establish our position as a destination supermarket where [they] go to for all things they need for health and wellness."

Stay tuned as Robinsons Supermarket intensifies its I Love Wellness campaign through various store activities such as free bone and dental checkups, skin and hair analysis, zumba classes, BMI reading, cholesterol tests, and many other wellness programs.

For Kuya Kim, wellness should be holistic and involve being healthy in all aspects of life whether it's keeping one's mind healthy, maintaining healthy relationships especially with family, and putting a premium on physical health. "No amount of success can compensate for bad health and I am glad Robinsons Supermarket takes care of this aspect of my life," he concludes.

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