Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Smell Nice with Fiona Cologne; Look Good with Grips Clay FX, Hair Wax, and Gel

Young people (and the young-at-heart) nowadays are very conscious not only about how they look like but also about how they smell. Good products help boost their confidence but not all are affordable especially for those who have limited budgets.

SkinTec Enterprises solves this dilemma by coming out with Fiona Cologne Premium Fragrance which is made with a pleasant combination of scents to leave skin smelling clean and fresh. Everyone can choose from several variants that they can use alternately on different days of the week depending on their mood.

Girls (and even boys!) can choose from the following scents: Raspberry Drops has a sweet smell that combines a fruity blend of raspberry, white flowers, and white musk; Cool Burst exudes a fruity sweet scent with hints of cucumber, melon, and musk; Bubbly Pink mixes the fruity-floral scents of cassis and peach; Youthful Bliss features a nostalgic fragrance that's fruity with freesia, jasmine, and sandalwood; Ice Glacier sports a blend of nectarine, green notes, and lavender; and Pretty Mist leaves the skin fragrant with the pretty and pure scent of flowers and strawberry.

Julia Barretto for Fiona Cologne
Among the six scents that I've tried, I'd say I like Youthful Bliss the most. My boys, on the other hand, agreed that the Ice Glacier is a good scent that guys can also use. 

Fiona Cologne Premium Fragrance prides itself to be one of the longest lasting fragrances in the Philippine cologne market as each can last for up to 6-8 hours. This is because Skintec uses top quality fragrance oils, the same ones used by worldwide brands, to create every variant. Fiona Colognes are sold in five handy sizes: 25ml (Php 15.00), 50ml (Php 24.75), 75ml (Php 34.00), 100ml (Php 39.00) fliptop bottles and 50ml spray bottle (Php 35.25). Be updated by liking facebook.com/fionacologne

For those who spend hours taming their unruly hair, SkinTec also offers products that would help in managing those locks! My teenage sons say these products work!

Get an amazing matte hair styling experience with Grips Clay FX that provides perfect hold, texture, minus the stickiness. This product has Pro-Vitamin B5 and has an EasyWash Formula! Other brands offer the EasyWash formula in their more expensive version of the regular product but with Grips Clay FX, the premium features Pro-Vitamin B5 and EasyWash Formula are all in! This product is sold in 75g jars at Php 86.90 each and in 5g sachets at Php 4.35 each.

Daniel Padilla for Grips Clay FX 
Another brand of hair styling products is Grips Hair Wax with the FlexiStyle feature that makes it easier to style hair anytime, anywhere. This hair wax comes in three variants: Hard and Shiny, Extreme Hard and Mat, and Hard and Mat which are all available in 75g jars and 5g sachets. Prices range from PhP 3.40 to PhP 85.00.

Sam Concepcion for Grips Hair Wax
Grips Hair Gel, on the other hand, allows users to revitalize hair with D-Panthenol while giving it maximum hold throughout the day. It comes in three variants: Extra Strong Hold with D-Panthenol, Strong Hold with D-Panthenol, and Strong Hold with Aloe Vera. They are sold in 50g (PhP 11.55) and 130g (PhP 20.90) bottle tubes as well as in 14g (PhP 15.90 for 12 pcs.) sachets.

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