Make Someone Smile with Go Nuts Donuts' Twinkling Christmas Treats

The Christmas season is a time of nice surprises and I got one the other day. A PR friend sent me these GoNuts Donuts Twinkling Treats which really made me smile. Who wouldn't when gifts are as colorful as these?!

Of course Son #2, our top donut junkie since time immemorial, finished two donuts immediately when he came home from school. I opted to try one of the similarly attractive cookies first. Yum!

That night, Son#1 and I ate a donut each as midnight snack. I chose the Yule Bliss (white) variant and was delighted to discover that it has my favorite bavarian filling. 

These donuts and cookies are great gift ideas especially to people with a sweet tooth. You can also opt to bring them to Christmas potluck gatherings for dessert. I love how these treats come in lovely decorated boxes that are as festive-looking as the season. For sure, anyone who receives them as gifts would also be smiling from ear to ear (like me!) when they see what's in store for them inside :)

Have a beautifully-sweet donuts and cookies day!

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