Theater Review: Repertory Philippines' Camp Rock: The Musical

I became a fan of Camp Rock, the Disney movie, accidentally just like those times I also became a fan of the High School Musical series. You see, my special child loves watching musical shows and would often get fixated on one for days such that we'd be playing a single DVD over and over until I have already memorized the songs and know all the characters.

When Repertory Philippines announced last year that they'll be staging Camp Rock in its 75th season, I knew I'd be bringing my son to watch and we did. The show is wonderful! I love the palpable energy all the young people on stage have. They seem to never run out of steam while going from one production number to the next.

Audie, Topper, and Paolo
Director Audie Gemora and Assistant Director Topper Fabregas did a great job in honing the young peoples' skills. I saw a lot of improvements from when I first saw them perform during the press conference a month ago. 

Morissette and Cheska
All the actors, whether they have small or big parts, have to be commended for their dedication to the craft. Morissette Amon who stars as Mitchie Torres has a lovely voice. I like hearing her sing the high notes! The guys, who play the parts of the Jonas Brothers are Markki Stroem (Shane Gray), Nacho Tambunting (Nate Gray), and Jef Flores (Jason Gray), did very well in their roles as well as Cheska Ortega who stars as Camp Rock's Diva Tess Tyler.

Nacho, Jef, and Markki
Other main and supporting characters are played by Nel Gomez (Luke Williams), Justine Pena (Dana Turner), Cara Barredo (Caitlyn Geller), B Delgado (Margaret "Peggy" Dupree), Mica Fajardo (Ella Pador), Kiara Dario (Rosie Day), Hans Braga (Sander Loya), Eric Mercado (Andy Hosten), Justin Valiente (Barron James), Karyl Factora (Georgina Farlow), Hans Eckstein (Brown Cesario), and Rem Zamora (Axel Turner). 

Hans and Rem
The ensemble is composed of Jim Dimson, Jazmine Zabala, Alex Reyes, Chaye Magg, Shalee Vicencio, Eddie Thompson, Jim Ferrer, Sam Aquino, Steve Hotchkiss, Kelly Nicolas, Fran Jose, Antonio Lane, Daniel Delgado, Erika Pangan, Aly Wijangco, and Arianna Norton.

I love the songs and the choreography. Two thumbs up to choreographer Paolo Infante for such amazing numbers! Audiences, whether they are familiar with the movie version of Camp Rock or not, would definitely find themselves singing and tapping their feet along with the music. Although I enjoyed watching all the musical numbers, I should mention that I particularly like the duets "You're My Favorite Song" by Markki and Morissette, and "Introducing Me" by Nacho and Justine. 

Expect to laugh at the witty dialogues and the actions, especially Jef's. I'd say he's the funniest of them all and he nailed the role really well. Kudos also to the casting of the good-looking Gray brothers who physically appeared like they are related.

Camp Rock: The Musical is a feel-good, must-watch show for the whole family. It will not only entertain you but also leave children with lessons on friendship, priorities, and principles. Bring your loved ones to see this great production. I did! :)

Camp Rock's cast with the High School Musical cast
Camp Rock: The Musical runs from November 16 to December 16, 2012 at Onstage, 2/F Greenbelt 1 in Makati City. It is co-presented by Velvet Channel and the City of Makati.

wackiest pose for Camp Rock's cast members
Repertory Philippines welcomes reservations for schools, civic groups, and corporate sponsorships. For show details, please call 5716926 or 5714941 or email or log on to Tickets are also available through Ticketworld at 8919999 and

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* See more photos taken during the press preview here.

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